Written and edited by Jim Walker
October 2015
A publication of the Keeper! Club
Written and edited by Jim Walker
October training dates for goalkeepers at Dyess Park:
 1—Senior keepers (14 years and older_, 6:30pm
 5—NO TRAINING, Dynamos Marty Espinoza Memorial Golf Tournament
 6--Junior keepers (10 years and younger), 5:30; Intermediates (10 years and older) 6:30pm
 8—Seniors, 6:30pm
12—Juniors, 5:30pm; Intermediates, 6:30pm
15—Seniors, 6:30pm
18—Bring Your Keeper workshop, 4pm (gazebo)
19—Juniors, 5:30pm; Intermediates, 6:30pm
22—Seniors, 6:30pm
26—Juniors, 5:30pm; Intermediates, 6:30pm
29—Seniors, 6:30pm
About the Keeper Club
The Keeper Club, established in 1993, provides a training environment for the special position of goalkeeper. Jim Walker conducts training on Mondays, Roland Sikinger on Thursdays. Fee for regular training: $100 for the fall season, ending Dec. 17; $200 if not playing for the Cy-Fair Youth Soccer Club or the Dynamos. To join, please send goalkeeper’s name, birthdate, email address and phone number, along with check payable to "Keeper Club" to DeNiece Herrod, 5827 Pinellas PK, Spring TX 77379. For information, email jwalker@dynamossoccer.com or dherrod@me.com, or phone 281-217-1612,
Coaches, Parents, Keepers Invited
Coaches, do you have questions about the handling of goalkeepers during practice and games? How to play them and how to help them prepare for games? Parents, are you interested in the care and handling of sons or daughters who are goalkeepers? These questions, and other facets of working with goalkeepers, will be topics of discussion at a free workshop titled “Bring Your Own Keeper” on Sun., Oct. 18, at 4pm at Dyess Park, moderated by Dynamos goalkeeper trainer Jim Walker. Recreational and competitive coaches and/or parents are invited and may bring one or more of their players to join in exercises that will help in the development of those interested in playing the position. Remember, it's free! Please bring a ball (and water) per person. The workshop will run approximately one hour and a half. To register, email jwalker@dynamossoccer.com with your name and the name and age of the keeper or keepers.
Keeper: "How many holes in this goal net?"
Coach: "Well, I don’t rightly know."
Keeper: "What would a referee do to me if I put chewing gum in his whistle?"
Coach: "Not sure"
Keeper: "Why is the sky blue?"
Coach: "Can’t answer that one, keep."
Keeper: "Coach, do you mind me asking all these questions?"
Coach: "Of course not. If you don't ask questions, you'll never learn anything!"
Daylight Saving Time ends Sun., Nov. 1. . .Welcome to new Keeper Club members Paige McKenna, Ava Petrich, Mason Cheshier, Olivia Webb, Nathan Lalmansingh, Victoria Finidori, Sophie Wilkinson, Grace Ehrenfeld, Kera Palacios, and Ben Jones. . . Please note there will be NO Junior Keeper or Intermediate training on Mon., Oct. 5, as all Dynamos Select training is canceled for the Marty Espinoza Memorial Golf Tournament. Jim Walker will be available at Dyess Park on Tues., Oct. 6 to train both groups—Junior Keepers at 5:30pm, Intermediates at 6:30pm. . .Condolences to the family of longtime Dyess Park and Zube Park referee Lonnie Welch, who passed away September 21. . .Thanks to former Keeper Club member and current Dynamos training assistant Kevin Hobart for standing in at keeper training Sept. 21 while Coach Walker took a brief vacation in North Carolina. Coach didn’t do any keeper training while he was in the Tar Heel State but did put a pair of young cousins—Tyler, 12, and Tess, 7, through some fitness exercises. Tyler, says Coach Walker, set a world around-the-yard record when a barking dog (on the other side of a fence) materialized and provided Tyler all the incentive he needed to sprint faster over the final 25 yards!.. .New Junior Keeper member Ava Petrich was this month’s Keeper Kwiz drawing winner. Ava, who completed the sentence “It’s the 90th minute, do you know where your goal is.” wins a $25 gift card. This month, the keeper challenge is: what are four little words we can say to ourselves to spur us to do better things? Answer is elsewhere in this newsletter. Email your answer to jwalker@dynamossoccer.com and you will be entered in the September drawing for a $25 gift card. !
Goalkeepers and field players who attended keeper training, fitness training and/or keeper camp during August:
Aug. 31—Junior Keepers: Daniel Bridges, Caleb Wilson, Andrew Nelson, Zac Cannon; Intermediates: Steven Franke, Isobel Herrod, Matthew Shaw, Claire Juenke, Andy Garcia, Grace Ehrenfeld, Leah Payte, Ian Herrod, Samantha Nichols, Alli Thompson, Mason Cheshier, Kera Palacios,
Sept. 3--Ethan Urrutia, Sam Dominguez, Autumn Driskell, Krysten Rhodes, Payton Salinas, Lauren Marder, Casey Jones.
 8—Junior Keepers: Daniel Bridges, Ava Petrich. Assisting: Emma Bell; Intermediates: Kera Palacios, Leah Payte, Samantha Nichols, Mason Cheshier, Matthew Shaw, Ben Jones, Andy Garcia, Claire Juenke, Cole Howard. Assisting: Steven Franke.  
14—Junior Keepers: Daniel Bridges, Andrew Nelson, Victoria Finidori, Zac Cannon; Intermediates: Matt Shaw, Isobel Herrod, Claire Juenke, Samantha Nichols, Mason Cheshier, Ben Jones, Cole Howard, Ava Petrich, Kera Palacios, Leah Payte, Grace Ehrenfeld, Alli Thompson, Amber Zlatich. Assisting: Steven Franke.
17--Kenley Hardin, Matthew Shaw, Ethan Urrutia, Paige McKenna, Autumn Driskell, Krysten Rhodes, Lauren Marder, Casey Jones
21--Steven Franke, Leah Payte, Isobel Herrod, Ian Herrod, Victoria Finidori, Zac Cannon, Daniel Bridges, Samantha Nichols, Mason Cheshier, Andrew Nelson, Claire Juenke. Directing: Kevin Hobart
24—Krysten Rhodes, Autumn Driskell, Matthew Shaw, Casey Jones, Payton Salinas, Ethan Urrutia, Kenley Martin, Lauren Marder
28—Junior Keepers: Olivia Webb, Zac Cannon, Andrew Nelson, Daniel Bridges, Victoria Finidori, Sophie Wilkinson, Nathan Laimansingh; Intermediates: Mason Cheshier, Grace Ehrenfeld, Isobel Herrod, Claire Juenke, Samantha Nichols, Cole Howard, Ava Petrich, Emma Bell, Alli Thompson, Leah Payte, Andy Garcia, Ben Jones, Paige McKenna.
Four little words sum up what has lifted most successful individuals over the crowd: a little bit more. They did all that was expected of them, and a little bit more.--A. Lou Vickery
Short on time? Don’t skip the warmup! Before a game or training session, make sure you warm up and stretch, then get plenty of confidence-building touches on the ball. Draw on the Keeper Club’s individual ballwork activities for a personal warmup, then have someone—serve you balls by both hand and foot to ensure that you are focusing on the ball and making catches with proper technique. Get yourself on the ground 30 or more times, so your first diving save in a game won’t be the first time you’re hitting the ground. Have someone hit balls TO you while you are in goal. It doesn’t help to have someone standing at the 18 scattering shots all over the place.
In their eagerness to show courage and do things they've seen more advanced goalkeepers perform, beginners to the position often fail to learn the ABCs that are taught in Keeper! Club sessions. This leads to mistakes that prove costly to the keeper and the team. Catching the ball seems a given, but when boys and girls ignore the technique, the ball will go through their hands; if they fail to cushion the catch, it will pop back into play; if they do not get legs and feet behind the ball, the ball may slip through both hands and legs and go into the goal. Do the simple things right, then extend your range.

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