Written and edited by Jim Walker
September 2015
A publication of the Keeper! Club
Written and edited by Jim Walker
 This issue of Keeper! is emailed to those who requested it, and to new members. It will continue to be posted at www.dynamossoccer.com (click “Keeper Club” and “Here” for the newsletter). If you wish to receive it by email (and haven’t requested it), send an email to jwalker332@aol.com with the words “Please email.” It is important that serious goalkeepers read the newsletter, as it carries updates on Keeper Club activities and valuable tips on playing the position.
September training dates for goalkeepers at Dyess Park:
 3—Senior keepers (high school age), 6:30pm
 7—No training, Labor Day
 8—Training makeup: Junior Keepers, 5:30pm; Intermediates, 6:30pm
10—Senior keepers, 6:30pm
14—Junior keepers (10 years and younger), 5:30pm
     Intermediates (10 years with experience to 14 years), 6:30pm
17—Seniors, 6:30pm
21—Juniors, 5:30pm
     Intermediates, 6:30pm
24—Seniors, 6:30pm
28—Juniors, 5:30pm
     Intermediates, 6:30pm
About the Keeper Club
Jim Walker conducts training on Mondays, Roland Sikinger on Thursdays. Fee for regular training: $100 for the fall season, ending Dec. 17; $200 if not playing for the Cy-Fair Youth Soccer Club or the Dynamos. To join, please send goalkeeper’s name, birthdate, email address and phone number, along with check payable to "Keeper Club" to DeNiece Herrod, 5827 Pinellas PK, Spring TX 77379. For information, email jwalker@dynamossoccer.com or dherrod@me.com, or phone 281-217-1612.
Summer Goalkeeper Camp
Following the Select Camp two-a-days and upcoming weekend tournaments, attendance (a total of 26) was erratic over the three-day, nine-hour Summer Goalkeeper Camp, with crowds on Thursday and Friday and a smaller group on Saturday. But comments from those attending were in accord—learning new skills was in abundance and, while there was hard going in the heat, there was lots of fun, too, and plenty of pizza for Saturday lunch. Former Dynamos, Keeper Club and HarvardUniversity goalkeeper Brandon Renken was there for all three days to direct activities, while former professional keeper David Benner and ex-Dynamos, Keeper Club, and St. Edward’s University netminder Heather Koudelka appeared on Friday. Patty Walrath, who last season led Hous0ton Baptist University to a Southland Conference championship (she was tournament MVP!) appeared Saturday to handle the warmup run and stretch. A star-studded instructional staff! Javier Rodriguez, Valentin’s dad, was declared campMVP, that is, Most Valuable Pizza-Deliverer. He made the all-important run to Locatelli’s for Saturday’s lunch of pizza and zingers. Zingers were a big hit and gone quickly, but even the hungry campers couldn’t devour all the delicious pizza. Also thanks to Sheri Howard, mom of Cole, for providing drinks for the post-camp lunch. Campers who attended: Autumn Driskell, Krysten Rhodes, Isobel Herrod, Cole Howard, Grace Ehrenfeld, Andy Garcia, Hayden Millar, Andrew Lockett, Kera Palacios, Leah Payte, Mason Cheshier, Diego Gonzalez. Irina Griffin, Victoria Martin, Kenley Harden, Valentin Rodriguez, Cristian Rubio, Zac Cannon, Mason Cheshier, Elizabeth Corken, Dylan Doss, Daniel Garza, Ben Jones, Ava Petrich, Payton Salinas, and Caleb Wilson.
U14 Dynamos goalkeeper Isobel Herrod takes us inside the game-deciding world of a penalty-kick shootout.   
The game ended in a tie only to go into penalty kicks. While I will deny that I like them, I love feeling the rush and emotion of walking on air they give me. My team won the coin toss, and chose to shoot first. While Megan lined up to shoot I stood next to the goal focused on the ball. It went high into the upper right corner. I am up next. I get positioned on the line and start my routine. I am bouncing on each of my feet; yelling at the player. She swings and her ball goes right over the top of the goal. The score at 1-0. I step out of the box and watch as Hy comes up to shoot. Just before she reaches the box, I quickly run to her with advice that the goalie in front of her doesn’t do well with shots into the corner. I smile as I watch the ball curve into the corner. The score now is 2-0. I step back onto the line in the goal and the girl standing in front of me shoots right and I dive just short of it. Ayden is up next. By this point I am staring at the ground wondering how this is going to go down. I look up just in time to see the ball just barely stay on track to the bottom right corner. The score now 3-1, but they still have room to get back into it. I step up to the line in the goal and watch as another ball goes by me. I have gotten hot-headed and now realize I need to focus more and kick it in gear. The score now 3-2. Our girl steps up to shoot and misses by just going over the top, but we can't  let it get to us. Score still 3-2. I step up to the line and realize that the girl who has lined up to kick against me is one of my good friends. I let the thought slip through my mind and tell myself to just play the game. I want to win more than anything. I start my routine again. I am bouncing side to side on my feet and yelling at her now, all of my focus on the ball now. But I look out the corner of my eye to see the parents cheering. Not being able to hear any of them except Mr. Duncan with his loud pilot’s voice. She goes to strike, and seeing the ball off her foot I dive towards it as I feel the ball through my gloves. I have my eye on the ball the whole time and can’t tell you what I was thinking except for: ‘We might have a chance.’ I sit up and see the ball just outside of the goal. As I get up, I hear the parents cheering to me about what a great block I had just made. As I get up to take my spot next to the goal, Anna Rivera walks up to take a shot. What none of us realize it that she could be the one who locks in the win. She shoots and scores and still no one knows. I step up on the line. I look up to the official and his words are the reason that makes this my best game I have ever played in my life. I start to scream the words as I sprint my way back to my team. Now this next point can not be stressed enough. The feeling I have at this specific moment are emotions I can’t describe. You simply have to feel them or you don’t. It makes you feel like you are as tall as the EmpireStateBuilding. When I made that run to my team to hug them, I knew my legs were moving but I couldn’t feel them. The only thing I could feel was an adrenaline and my team pulling me into a big hug.—Isobel Herrod, goalkeeper, U14 Dynamos.
KEEPER CLUB LINGOThere are unique words and sayings in every walk of life and it’s no different in the world of goalkeepers. Here’s an updated clarification of common Keeper Club jargon for and about keepers:
*Just Say ‘NO!’ to Goals (set goals, yes; give ‘em up NO!) *Goalkeepers are to be loved, not yelled at. *It’s the 90th minute. Do you know where your goal is? *Keepers are players, too. Play in the game, not just in the goal. *Roar “Keeeeppurrr!!!,” like a lion, not purr “keeeep” like a kitty.
*When you hear KEEEEEPURRR!!!! Pain is about to arrive. *Don’t get beat near-post (nightmares will occur if you do) *Train to be perfect “within your range” (then train to extend your range) *”Train to catch” (you can decide in games whether to knock balls down, or box them away, but in training, try to hold ‘em) *Train to dive (and later you can decide whether or not you need to) *Powerade shot—in a training game when practicing goal kicks, you announce you will hit the crossbar. . .and do. Prize is a Powerade. . .unless the coach erases it by the hitting the crossbar, too. *The Claire, or Veronica, stretch--lay on the ground on your side with hands (with or without ball) outstretched in front of your eyes and bring the upper leg as high as you can toward your hands for a comfortable stretch. Comfort level for Claire Bear, and Roni before her, is high above their heads. . .not many duplicate it. *Patty cake--throw ball up and clap hands a specified number of times before catching, while standing, walking, jogging, skipping, shuffling. Named for Keeper Club Patty.
Please note that there is no training on Labor Day (Mon., Sept. 7), but Coach Walker will be available at Dyess Park for a makeup Tues., Sept. 8--Junior Keepers at 5:30pm, Intermediates at 6:30pm. . .Welcome to DeNiece Herrod to the position of manager for the Keeper Club. A loyal member for several years as Mom of Isobel and Ian, DeNiece will coordinate registration and promotion for the long-time arm of Dynamos Select. . .Cy Fair HS’s Braden Mann, former Dynamos goalkeeper and longtime member of the Keeper Club, was selected as the first-team kicking specialist on the Chronicle’s pre-season All-Greater Houston high school football team. Nicknamed “Striker” by fellow Keeper Club members, Braden, who has verbally committed to Texas A&M, was 46 of 48 on extra points in 2014, with seven field goals, including a long of 49 yards. . .A heart-felt thanks to Keeper Club alumni Kacie Paine and Kevin Hobart for their assistance during the Summer Fitness and Technical Program. Both were loyal and diligent as role models for keepers and field players who attended sessions over the summer. Kacie returned to Texas A&M where she is a sophomore and Kevin will be serving as a trainer for the Dynamos Academy and part-time assistant for the Keeper Club. . ."I just held the ball in my hands for a half-second, watched everyone head up field, then hit it long. The wind was at my back, the (other) keeper was high, and the ball landed behind the defender”—University of Texas keeper Abby Smith describing to the Austin Statesman the goal she scored giving the Longhorns a 1-0 win in their season opener over the University of Miami. . .Our Keeper Clubbers came up with some interesting additions, but winner of last month’s Keeper Kwiz drawing winner is Samantha Nichols (whose contribution was “scorekeeper”). Sam, who had a busy summer—in addition to attending Summer Fitness sessions when home journeyed to Italy, Indiana, and Massachusetts—wins a $25 gift card for iTunes (her choice). For this month’s drawing, complete this sentence: “It’s the 90th minute, do you know. . .?” Email your answer to jwalker@dynamossoccer.comand you will be entered in the September drawing!
Goalkeepers and field players who attended keeper training, fitness training and/or keeper camp during August:
 4 (Summer Fitness)—Taiczar Armstrong, Ashley Brewer, Lauryn Brewer, Kaeden Johnson, Sam Dominguez, Sydney Cannon, Zac Cannon, Payton Salinas, Drew Thetford, Maison Bell, Colette Lacour, Mya Trager, Reese Schmadeke, Grant Steppe, Krysten Rhodes, Cedric Cook, Claire Juenke, Armand Luz Assisting: Kacie Paine, Kevin Hobart
 6 (Summer Fitness)—Claire Juenke, Maison Bell, Ashley Brewer, Lauryn Brewer, Hayden Millar, Cedric Cook, Mya Trager, Sydney Cannon, Zac Cannon, Drew Thetford, Sam Dominguez, Payton Salinas,   visitor: Michelle MacIntyre, Assisting: Kacie Paine
 11 (Summer Fitness)—Michelle MacIntrye, Sam Dominguez, Grant Steppe, Zac Cannon, Sydney Cannon, Mya Trager, Reese Schmadeke, Colette Lacour, Samantha Nichols, Hayden Millar, Kaeden Johnson, Claire Juenke, Alexander Nichols, Cedric Cook, Luz Lopez (injured). Assisting: Kacie Paine
13 (Summer Fitness)—Ashlyn Brewer, Lauryn Brewer, Sydney Cannon, Zac Cannon, Isobel Herrod, Kaeden Johnson, Claire Juenke, Alexander Nichols, Samantha Nichols, Payton Salinas, Steven Franke, Mya Trager, Michelle MacIntyre, Cedric Cook, Assisting: Kacie Paine
20 (Goalkeeper Camp)—Autumn Driskell, Krysten Rhodes, Isobel Herrod, Cole Howard, Grace Ehrenfeld, Andy Garcia, Hayden Millar, Andrew Lockett, Kera Palacios, Leah Payte, Mason Cheshier, Diego Gonzalez. Irina Griffin, Victoria Martin, Kenley Harden, Valentin Rodriguez, Cristian Rubio, Instructor: Brandon Renken  
21 (Goalkeeper Camp)—Zac Cannon, Mason Cheshier, Elizabeth Corken, Autumn Driskell, Dylan Doss, Grace Ehrenfeld, Andy Garcia, Daniel Garza, Diego Gonzalez, Irina Griffin, Kenley Harden, Ben Jones, Victoria Martin, Hayden Millar, Kera Palacios, Leah Payte, Ava Petrich, Krysten Rhodes, Valentin Rodriguez, Cristian Rubio, Payton Salinas, Caleb Wilson, Andrew Lockett. Instructors: David Benner, Brandon Renken, Heather Koudelka
22 (Goalkeeper Camp)—Mason Cheshier, Daniel Garza, Diego Gonzales, Kenley Harden, Victoria Martin, Kera Palacios, Leah Payte, Ava Petrich, Valentin Rodriguez, Cristian Rubio Instructor: Brandon Renken. Visitor: Patty Walrath
24 (Regular Training)—Junior Keepers: Ava Petrich, Caleb Wilson; Intermediates: Leah Payte, Andy Garcia, Ben Jones, Claire Juenke, Samantha Nichols, Ava Petrich, Alli Thompson
27—Seniors)—Payton Salinas, Lauren Marder, Sam Dominguez, Anthony Marcatto, Hayden Millar. Ethan Urrutia
Instinct. Strength of will. Honest sweatUnbridled desire. These are some of the qualities that mark the difference between an athlete and a competitor. Between those who compete. And those who rise above the rest. We have always valued the qualities that bring out the best in individual and team performance. Because we have always understood what it takes to fly. The airline that flies the world salutes the sport that spans the globe.--American Airlines ad during 1994 World Cup, speaking of planes and flying keepers.
Some keepers dream of success; others wake up and work hard at it.” --with apologies to Winston Churchill
Do the simple things right.
Keepers who succeed handle the ball on their own between games and training sessions, for five minutes, fifteen minutes, a half hour. Take two or three simple handling drills from Keeper Club training and do them over and over, until you do these simple things perfectly every time.  

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