History of the Club

In 1990, in order to unify their competitive teams and provide more advanced training for players, ages 10 and older, The Cy-Fair Soccer Club employed former professional soccer team executive Jim Walker as Director of Training. Working in conjunction with Trainer Olivier Finidori, the two implemented the program now known as 'Dynamos Select'. The club now has many competitive teams trained by a staff of soccer professionals.

In 2001 Walker retired as Director of Training but remains active as coach of the Dynamos Keeper! Club.

Finidori, Walker's successor, is dedicated to maintaining the Dynamos high level of training and continued success of the club.

Dynamos Philosophy

The club's goal is to develop successful players who are committed to giving their best and striving to win with integrity. The long-term development of skill and character of the individual player is the foremost concern of the Dynamos staff. Trainers are assigned one team per training session in order to maximize individual player development. Skills training, fitness, and self discipline are emphasized in each practice.

Dynamos training helps the player learn to participate as an important member of a team, to play under pressure, to move off the ball, and to play attractive soccer.

Commitment to Select Soccer

For parents and players, participation in Dynamos Select Soccer is a commitment that should not be taken lightly.

Player commitment means:

  • Attending all practices (2/week) and games (weekends)
  • Reporting to practice and games on time, ready to play.
  • Maintaining a good attitude
  • Putting forth maximum effort at all times.
  • Parental commitment includes:
  • Providing transportation to practices and games.
  • Keeping fees current.
  • Supporting the player, the team and its coach and trainer.

Players must also be prepared to learn and accept team policies and to unselfishly contribute to a successful team effort while continuing to develop their own skills.