Written and edited by Jim Walker
November 2015
A publication of the Keeper! Club
Written and edited by Jim Walker
Regular training for keepers 10 to 18-years-old continues at Dyess Park in November on Mondays with Jim Walker at 5:30pm for Junior Keepers and 6:30pm for Intermediates, and on Thursdays with Roland Sikinger for Seniors at 6:30pm.
Remember, Daylight Saving Time ended November 1
There will be NO training Thursday, November 26 (Thanksgiving Day)
 2—Junior Keepers 5:30pm; Intermediates, 6:30pm
 5—Seniors, 6:30pm
 9—Junior Keepers, 5:30pm; Intermediates, 6:30pm
12—Seniors, 6:3opm
16—Junior Keepers, 5:30pm; Intermediates, 6:30pm
19—Seniors, 6:30pm
23—Junior Keepers, 5:30pm; Intermediates, 6:30pm
30—Junior Keepers, 5:30pm; Intermediates, 6:30pm
About the Keeper Club
The Keeper Club, established in 1993, provides ongoing training for the special position of goalkeeper. Jim Walker conducts training on Mondays, Roland Sikinger on Thursdays. For more information, email jwalker@dynamossoccer.com or dherrod@me.com, or phone 281-217-1612.
Those half-dozen parents who brought their own keepers to Dyess Park Oct. 18 seemed to have as much fun as the boys and girls they accompanied. Attending the “Bring Your Own Keeper” workshop were Lucas Dyer, Marco Morales, Aubrey Klander, Mia Estrada, Claire Sellers, and Jan Paul Lopez, who along with their parents eagerly soaked up the tips dispensed by moderator Jim Walker and assisting Keeper Club member Steven Franke. Parents were reminded that goalkeepers should be “loved, not yelled at,” and were offered ways to help the boys and girls become better at this special position. In addition to being impressed by a “flying” exhibition by Dynamos under-16 keeper Steven, who sailed to six extremely wide serves from Coach Jim, each boy and girl walked away with a new ball, pair of gloves, t-shirt, or player cards from a clinic-ending drawing. BYOK workshops are designed to help parents, and coaches, better understand the handling of recreational and competitive goalkeepers and their preparation for games. Another in the long series of BYOK clinics is planned for February, 2016.
Goalkeepers throughout the world have picked up colorful nicknames through the years. Many have been called “The Cat” and too many have worn the “El Loco” moniker. Here’s a list of some of my favorites. Do you know others? How about nicknames of Keeper Club members? Do you fancy a colorful tag for yourself? Let us know and we’ll run another list next month.
The Black Spider—Lev Yashin, Russia
Banks of England—Gordon Banks, England
The Cat—Peter Bonetti, England
El Loco—Rene Higuita, Peru
Calamity—David James, England
Stonewall—John Jackson, Scotland
The Magician—Mervyn Cawston, England
The Great Dane—Peter Schmeichel, Denmark
Roli the Goalie—Roland Sikinger, United States
Claire Bear—Claire Juenke, Dynamos
Do you know the answers to these soccer questions?
1. What is the name of the Dynamos’ Director of Training:
          a. Olivier Newton-John
             b. Laurence Olivier
             c. Olivier De Haviland
             d. Olivier Finidori
2. You can improve your flexibility by:
          a. eating lots of pretzels
          b. sleeping in a box of rubber bands
             c. bending to touch your toes
             d. pushing buttons on your cell phone
3. You can improve your “foot-eye” coordination by:
          a. eating toe-matoes
             b. learning how to juggle a ball
             c. walking and chewing gum at the same time
             d. kicking the junk food habit
Daylight Saving Time ended Sun., Nov. 1. . .Welcome to new Keeper Club member Joshua Dotson. . .There will be NO keeper training for Seniors (high school-aged) on Thanksgiving Day (Thurs., Nov. 26). . .Congrats to Roli the Goalie and Niki, who celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary on Halloween. . .Roli reported that he hosted a "spooktacular ghoulie session" two days before Halloween. In robe and mask, he directed the warmup and a “deadly distribution”  activity for   those attending: "little ghoulies" Claire Juenke, Emma Bell, and Grace Ehrenfeld, along with "monsters" Casey Jones, Autumn Driskell, Krysten Rhodes, Lauren Marder, Payton Salinas, Matthew Shaw, Ethan Urrutia, and Ethan Rimbey. . .” Life made. I was saluted by a British officer, backwards and all,” declared Lt. Carolyn Kenaley, the former Keeper Club member who turned midfielder, then military airplane pilot and now is serving as an Electronic Warfare Officer at the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station in the state of Washington. . .Portland Timbers' goalkeeper Adam Kwarasey saved two penalty kicks and scored on his attempt to spark his team to a 3-2 victory over Sporting Kansas City. The wild penalty kick shootout went all the way to the 11th man, or last player for each team on the pitch. Kwarasey converted his try, then saved the final shot taken by Kansas City keeper Jon Kempin to secure a spot for the Timbers in Major League Soccer playoffs.  "It was like a movie," Kwarasey told Molly Blue of the Oregonian afterward. "I didn't expect it to go to penalties. I didn't expect to take a penalty and I didn't expect to save one after I've taken one. I'm still a little big exhausted." Emma Bell was this month’s winner of the Keeper Kwiz drawing from those who answered the question posed by A. Lou Vickery: “Four little words sum up what has lifted most successful individuals over the crowd: a little bit more. They did all that was expected of them, and a little bit more.” She wins the $25 gift card. For this month, keepers are asked to send in the name of their favorite goalkeeper. . .if you don’t have one, pick a name and nickname from the list above. Email to jwalker@dynamossoccer.comto be entered in the November drawing. If you have news or notes, photos or anecdotes, for the Keeper newsletter, please send to jwalker@dynamossoccer.com.  
Goalkeepers who attended keeper training during October:
 1--Ethan Urrutia, Matthew Shaw, Krysten Rhodes, Autumn Driskell, Payton Salinas, Hayden Millar, Casey Jones, Sam Dominguez, Steven Franke.
 6—Junior Keepers: Zac Cannon, Daniel Bridges, Ava Petrich, Olivia Webb, Victoria Finidori, Joshua Dotson, Emma Bell, Nathan Laimansingh, assisting: Isobel Herrod. Intermediates: Isobel Herrod, Samantha Nichols, Claire Juenke, Emma Bell.
 8--Ethan Urrutia, Payton Salinas, Lauren Marder, Matthew Shaw, Hayden Millar, Krysten Rhodes, Autumn Driskell
12—Junior Keepers: Andrew Nelson, Zac Cannon, Daniel Bridges, Nathan Laimansingh, Victoria Finidori, Sophie Wilkinson; Intermediates: Leah Payte, Samantha Nichols, Claire Juenke, Grace Ehrenfeld, Alli Thompson, Kera Palacios, Matthew Shaw, Paige McKenna, David Graham, Cole Howard, Ava Petrich, Emma Bell
15—Marissa Mills, Ethan Urrutia, Payton Salinas, Lauren Marder, Matthew Shaw, Hayden Millar, Krysten Rhodes, Autumn Driskell, Maddie Saucedo.
18—BYOK: Lucas Dyer, Marco Morales, Aubrey Klander, Mia Estrada, Claire Sellers, Jan Paul Lopez. Assisting: Steven Franke
19—Junior Keepers: Zac Cannon, Daniel Bridges, Victoria Finidori, Olivia Webb, Andrew Nelson, Nathan Laimansingh; Intermediates: Grace Ehrenfeld, David Graham, Cole Howard, Ava Petrich, Emma Bell, Isobel Herrod, Steven Franke, Matthew Shaw, Claire Juenke, Samantha Nichols, Alli Thompson, Mason Cheshier
22—Hayden Millar, Marissa Mills, Matthew Shaw, Ethan Rimbey, Steven Franke, Ethan Urrutia, Lauren Marder, Payton Salinas, Krysten Rhodes, Autumn Driskell, Kenley Harden
26—“Soggy” Fields
29--Claire Juenke, Emma Bell, and Grace Ehrenfeld, along with "monsters" Casey Jones, Autumn Driskell, Krysten Rhodes, Lauren Marder, Payton Salinas, Matthew Shaw, Ethan Urrutia, Ethan Rimbey
“The buck stops here.” That was a signU. S. President Harry S. Truman (1945-1953) kept on his desk in his White House office. Legendary English keeper Gordon Banks commented about the sign: “Goalkeepers should have that carved on their backs.”
(These comments from Roli the Goalie reprinted from Keeper! Issue No. 10, 2014)
Since we can never get enough training on distribution, keepers need to get to their team training sessions 15 minutes early or stay late to practice, throwing, punting and taking goal kicks. On goal kicks we like younger keepers to strike the ball with their laces as hard as they can into open space downfield. We want the ball to go high and wide, so that in case of a miscue there isn't an immediate counterattack from close range. Most keepers do not take a wide enough approach to the ball to allow their foot to get underneath it. Take as many steps as you need foot far from the ball and a bit behind it. Giving yourself a wide approach to the ball will open your hips, and generate a larger pendulum swing through the ball. It's all about leg speed. Momentum is everything!.—Roland Sikinger
“The rules stay the same regardless of the level you’re playing. The higher the level, the bigger the stage, the more determined, the more stubborn, the more mentally tough you have to become. There’s no more to it. Your self-confidence will take a beating every now and then, but stick to the basic principles of goalkeeping, stick with that mental toughness I keep talking about, what I feel is the basic foundation for being a goalkeeper, and you’ll come through it.”--Shaka Hislop, legendary Trinidad & Tobago goalkeeper who played for West Ham, Newcastle United, Reading and Portsmouth in the English Premier League.

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