Written and edited by Jim Walker
August 2015
A publication of the Keeper! Club    
Written and edited by Jim Walker 
August calendar for keeper training at Dyess Park:
 4--Summer Fitness, 6-7:30pm  
 6--Summer Fitness, 6-7:30pm (all keepers, including Jr. Keepers, are invited) 
11--Summer Fitness, 6-7:30pm
13--Summer Fitness, 6-7:30pm
20--Goalkeeper Camp, 5-8pm (participants must register) 
21--Goalkeeper Camp, 5-8pm 
22--Goalkeeper Camp, 9-noon (includes Powerade and pizza lunch)
24--Keeper Club regular training (to register, see below) begins:
      Junior Keepers (10 years and younger, 5:30pm
      Intermediate Keepers (10 years to 14 years), 6:45pm
27--Senior (high school age) keepers, 6:30pm
31--Junior Keepers, 5:30pm
      Intermediates,  6:45pm
About the Keeper Club
Goalkeeper training is open to boys and girls 10 years and older; Junior Keepers open to beginning keepers 10 years and younger. Jim Walker conducts training on Mondays, Roland Sikinger on Thursdays. Fee for regular training: $100 for the fall season, ending the week of Dec. 14; $200 if not playing for the Cy-Fair Youth Soccer Club or the Dynamos. The fall package includes the annual Christmas party, tentatively scheduled for Dec. 17. To join, please send goalkeeper’s name, birthdate, email address and phone number, along with check payable to "Keeper Club" and mail to Dynamos, attn: Loree, 10924 Grant Rd. #224, Houston77070. For more information, email jwalker@dynamossoccer.com or phone 281-217-1612.
Good, better, best, never let it rest, until your good is better and your better best.
For a young goalkeeper, opportunities to touch the ball under the eyes of experienced keeper trainers are important in your development. To do it for three hours each on three consecutive days is better. Best of all is when veteran keepers and trainers take a personal interest. That’s what happens at the Keeper Club’s annual Summer Goalkeeper Camp (Aug. 20-22 at DyessPark). This camp is a part of Dynamos Select Camp, which runs all week. Fee for Keeper Camp is $125, but if you sign up and participate in the Select Camp, the keeper sessions are free. Keeper! Club trainer Jim Walker’s staff is expected to include appearances by former professional goalkeeper David Benner, who was a key figure in the birth of the Keeper Club; and Keeper Club stalwarts Brandon Renken, who played at Harvard University, Heather Koudelka, highly-decorated keeper atSt. Edward’s University, and Michael Sicola, who played for Texas State University’s club team and coached goalkeepers at St. Thomas Catholic HS. The camp operates on Thursday and Friday (Aug. 20-21) from 5 until 8pm and Saturday (Aug. 22) from 9am until noon, ending with a pizza and Powerade lunch. If you’re a goalkeeper nine to 18 years of age, this is where you need to be! It is intense, sweat-producing, and a true test for all the techniques you’ve been learning through training. Beginners are welcome, too, and will receive special attention from the staff. Check out more information, and register on this website. In addition to the goalkeeper camp, the Dynamos summer camp program features two other weeks of training and fun for boys and girls ages nine-to-19 at DyessPark. Remember, those who sign up and pay for the Dynamos’ Select CampAugust 17-21 may attend the Goalkeeper Camp free, missing only two sessions of Select Camp. Keepers signing up for the Select Camp will need to notify Jim Walker at jwalker@dynamossoccer.comthat they will be also attending the Keeper Camp. (those players will miss only two sessions of the Select Camp). For more information about the Goalkeeper Camp, email jwalker@dynamossoccer.com or call 281-217-1612. For other Dynamos’ camps; contact dynamo14@sbcglobal.net or call 713-304-5060. The camp schedule:
FUNdamental Camp--Aug. 10-14, 6-8pm, registration deadline Aug. 7 Fee: $125
SELECT Camp--Aug. 17-21, 10am-noon; 5-8pm deadline Aug. 14 Fee: $225
Goalkeeper Camp--Aug. 20-22, Thurs-Fri 5-8pm; Sat. 9am-noon (lunch at end of camp) deadline Aug. 14  Fee: $125 
**(For goalkeepers who attend Select Camp, there is no charge for the nine-hour GK Camp)
‘KEEPERS’ ARE EVERYWHEREHere are some other “keepers” hard at work. . .bookkeeper, gamekeeper, gatekeeper, greenskeeper, peacekeeper, innkeeper, wicketkeeper, timekeeper, shopkeeper, storekeeper, housekeeper, zookeeper. There are a few others, can you name one? If you can think of another ”keeper” name, email it to jwalker@dynamossoccer.comto be entered in a drawing for a $25 gift card. Eligible to be placed in the drawing are Keeper Club members, and all goalkeepers and field players attending the Summer Fitness Program. Simply send an email to jwalker@dynamossoccer.comwith your entry.
Overheard at Summer Fitness Training
Coach Jim: “Steven, you’re late. You should have been here at 6’clock!”
Steven: “Why, what happened at 6 o’clock?”
High fives to Coach Aleks Alanis and former Keeper Club members Kacie Paine and Kevin Hobart for their splendid assistance in July at the annual Summer Goalkeeper Fitness and Technical Program sessions. . .giving lots of attention to each keeper and field player attending. . .After tending net for the formidable Cy-Fair Cyclones since he was 10, goalkeeper Steven Franke will join the under-16 Dynamos Select this fall. Steven took a break at the end of July from Summer Fitness to attend a Christian “fun” camp in the HillCounty. His mom sent KeeperTalk a photo of Steven at camp. Guess what he was doing? Having fun playing goalkeeper in a pickup game! , , ,Claire Juenke and Maison Bell attended the Houston Aces’ final game July 12 and tracked down goalkeeper Patty Walrath, a former Keeper Clubber herself, for autographs. “We had a nice visit,” said Patty afterward. Claire and Maison agreed. . .Surprise visitors at Summer Fitness sessions in July were former Keeper Clubber Marissa Mills and former Dynamos player (an upcoming senior at Texas Tech) Stephanie Thetford...After knee surgery prevented her from playing her freshman season at Northwestern State University, Jessica Lykins worked hard at Summer Fitness before leaving to prepare for action at the Louisiana college in the fall. And Taylor Vatuna, who will be a senior at TexasLutheranUniversity, joined the summer program. Taylor, is an all-purpose player for the Bulldogs, appearing on defense, midfield and up front, scored in overtime to lift Schreiner to a 2-1 victory over Centenary last fall. . .Keeper Clubber Samantha Nichols, and her brother Alexander, both regulars at Summer Fitness, took two weeks off for a trip to Italy, and displayed the Dynamos scarf in Rome and Napoli. Coach Walker at first requested to go with them, then decided to remain at Dyess because he would miss the 70s too much!. . .USMNT goalkeeper Brad Guzan won the Golden Glove award as the CONCACAF tournament's top goalkeeper. . .After spending 16 seasons at Real Madrid, ace goalkeeper and team captain Iker Casillas is moving to Portuguese club FC Porto. Casillas joined Real Madrid’s youth academy at age 10, made his first team debut in 1999, helping the Spanish powerhouse win three Champions League titles, five Spanish leagues and two Copas del Rey. . ..If you have items to share with The Buzz, email jwalker@dynamossoccer.com
Former Dynamos and Houston Baptist University star Patty Walrath, now a goalkeeper for the Houston Aces, greets current Dynamos and Keeper Club members Maison Bell (left) and Claire Juenke (right), along with Maison's sister, Caitlyn, at Aces game July 19.
Goalkeepers and field players who attended fitness training in July:
 1—Ashlyn Brewer, Lauryn Brewer, Claire Juenke, Kaeden Johnson, Hayden Millar, Sam Dominguez, Sydney Cannon, Zac Cannon, Asim Dadabhoy, Payton Salinas, Drew Thetford, Maison Bell, Alexander Nichols, Samantha Nichols, Colette Lacour, Taiczar Armstrong, Mya Trager. Assisting—Kacie Paine, Kevin Hobart
 2—Reese Schmadeke, Claire Juenke, Kaeden Johnson, Hayden Millar, Sam Dominguez, Sydney Cannon, Zac Cannon, Asim Dadabhoy, Payton Salinas, Drew Thetford, Luz Lopez, Steven Franke, Colette Lacour, Taiczar Armstrong, Michael Garrido, Mya Trager. Assisting: Alecks Alanis, Kacie Paine, Kevin Hobart.
 7—Steven Franke, Mya Trager, Taiczar Armstrong, Reese Schmadeke, Ashlyn Brewer, Luz Lopez, Lauryn Brewer, Samantha Nichols, Alexander Nichols, Asim Dadabhoy, Kaeden Johnson, Hayden Millar, Sam Dominguez, Drew Thetford, Maison Bell, Ben Jones, Kaitrin Miller, Jessica Lykins. Assisting: Kacie Paine, Kevin Hobart
 9—Grant Steppe, Drew Thetford, Luz Lopez, Reese Schmadeke, Claire Juenke, Maison Bell, Kaeden Johnson, Ben Jones, Hayden Millar, Sam Dominguez, Asim Dadabhoy, Alexander Nichols, Samantha Nichols, Mya Trager, Jessica Lykins. Assisting: Aleks Alanis, Kacie Paine, Kevin Hobart. Visitors: Stephanie Thetford, Marissa Mills
14—Luz Lopez, Ashlyn Brewer, Lauryn Brewer, Samantha Nichols, Alexander Nichols, Taiczar Armstrong, Isobel Herrod, Ian Herrod, Cedric Cook, Kaeden Johnson, Ethan Urrutia, Sam Dominguez, Jessica Lykins, Sydney Cannon, Zac Cannon, Reese Schmadeke, Mya Trager, Hayden Millar, Asim Dadabhoy, Kaitrin Miller, Taylor Vatuna; Keeper Club visitor: Emma Bell. Assisting: Kacie Paine, Kevin Hobart.
16—Samantha Nichols, Alexander Nichols, Taiczar Armstrong, Cedric Cook, Sam Dominguez, Jessica Lykins, Steven Franke, Kaedon Johnson, Taylor Vatuna, Sydney Cannon, Zac Cannon, Reese Schmadeke, Hayden Millar, Asim Dadabhoy; Keeper Club visitor: Emma Bell. Assisting: Kevin Hobart.  
21—Taiczar Armstrong, Maison Bell, Sydney Cannon, Zac Cannon, Cedric Cook, Asim Dadabnoy, Sam Dominguez, Isobel Herrod, Claire Juenke, Colette LaCour, Luz Lopez, Alexander Nichols, Samantha Nichols, Payton Salinas, Grant Steppe, Drew Thetford, Mya Trager, Taylor Vatuna. Assisting: Kacie Paine, Kevin Hobart
22—Taylor Vatuna, Mya Trager, Drew Thetford, Grant Steppe, Samantha Nichols, Alexander Nichols, Colette LaCour, Claire Juenke, Kaeden Johnson, Isobel Herrod, Ian Herrod, Sam Dominguez, Asim Dadabnoy, Cedric Cook, Zac Cannon, Sydney Cannon, Maison Bell, Taiczar Armstrong. Visitor: Emma Bell. Assisting: Kacie Paine, Kevin Hobart
23—Luz Lopez, Mya Trager, Ashlyn Brewer, Lauryn Brewer, Sydney Cannon, Zac Cannon, Taiczar Armstrong,   Cedric Cook, Asim Dadabnoy, Sam Dominguez, Steven Franke, Ian Herrod, Isobel Herrod, Kaiden Johnson, Claire Juenke, Coilette LaCour, Alexander Nichols, Samantha Nichols, Payton Salinas, Grant Steppe, Drew Thetford, Maison Bell. Assisting: Kacie Paine.
28—Reese Schmadeke, Taiczar Armstrong, Ashlyn Brewer, Lauryn Brewer, Asim Dadabnoy, Sam Dominguez, Isobel Herrod, Kaeden Johnson, Colette LaCour, Luz Lopez, Jessica Lykins, Grant Steppe, Drew Thetford, Mya Trager, Taylor Vatuna. Visitor: Ashley Foster. Assisting: Kacie Paine, Kevin Hobart.
29—Taiczar Armstrong, Sam Dominguez, Isobel Herrod, Kaiden Johnson, Jessica Lykins, Drew Thetford, Mya Trager, Sydney Cannon, Zac Cannon, Cedric Cook, Ian Herrod, Payton Salinas. Visitor: Ashley Foster. Assisting: Kacie Paine, Kevin Hobart
“The goalkeeper needs to be a special kind of kid who is able to concentrate and to tolerate the extremes of going flaky from boredom and slaphappy from getting shot at. Goalkeepers are to be loved, not yelled at.”—Coach Lou Confessore
Remember, your behavior during the few seconds after a goal is scored against you is critical to your team. It’s your option. You can hang your head, kick the dirt and watch your team fall apart, or you can be a leader and rally your teammates to bigger and better things.
Cutting out a cross that’s targeted for a striker’s head isn’t considered a save because it isn’t a direct shot on goal, but it’s just as valuable. Being alert enough to dominate your area is critical and your grab of a cross and distribution of the ball to start an attack is significant.

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