Written and edited by Jim Walker
July 2015
A publication of the Keeper! Club
Written and edited by Jim Walker
**There is NO regular goalkeeper training in July.
**Fitness and Technical Program for Goalkeepers continues at Dyess Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm
For more information, email JWalker332@dynamossoccer.comor phone 281-217-1612.
Summer Conditioning
DOING 70s IN THE 90s
References to seventies and nineties at DyessPark these days has nothing to do with speed, or Coach Walker’s age. For the boys and girls who reported for opening day of the Keeper Club’s annual Summer Fitness and Technical Program, it was soon learned that running 70’s (five uninterrupted sprints) in 90-degree heat was a staple of the curriculum. Everyone survived, in fact every last one left Dyess Park pledging to return for more, which they did. “This is a great group,” said the coach. “It’s younger overall than usual, but they handled things really well, all promising to return and others joined us over the next few weeks.” Those on hand for sessions in June included: Grant Steppe, Drew Thetford, Hayden Millar, Luz Lopez, Steven Franke, Colette Lacour, Claire Juenke, Elan Guerra, Sam Dominguez, Sydney Cannon, Zac Cannon, Samantha Nichols, Alexander Nichols, Kaeden Johnson, Maison Bell, Ashlyn Brewer, Lauryn Brewer, Sam Dominguez, Asim Dadabhoy, Payton Salinas, Reese Schmadeke, Taiczar Armstrong, Kaitrin Miller, and Michael Garrido. Assistants included Stephen Gonzalez, Aleks Alanis, Kacie Paine, and Kevin Hobart. 
Kaylee Barrett was one of five players awarded scholarship money honoring their long careers in the Dynamos Select Club. In addition to Kaylee, the only goalkeeper, also honored were Kieran Coull, Ben Dockery, Austin Shay, and Andrew Silverman. Kaylee played keeper for her team since the under-11 season, and was a loyal member of the Keeper Club all those years, too. Director of Training Olivier Findori cited the “true commitment and loyalty throughout their careers’ of the five winners. Each entrant was required to write an essay revealing what their relationship with the Dynamos meant to them as they prepare for college. Kaylee, a graduate of Cy-Woods High School, will attend Texas A&M in the fall. Here is her essay:
By Kaylee Barrett
When I look back over the years, all I can see is the impact that soccer has had on me. From dedicating my time for club and high school practices, waking up super early for those eight a.m. games at “the Dump” (Lindsay Lyons), watching MLS with my dad, and spending time with my team; playing soccer hasn’t just been a hobby to me, it has become of way of life. The majority of my soccer career has been with the Dynamos, and their trainers are the real reason why I was able to have the best soccer experience. Even though it seemed like every season my team would get a new trainer, such as Ty, Chris, Andy, Willie, Wilkie, and Oli, each trainer has left an impact on me on and off the field. But the one person who has influenced me the most in my soccer career is my goalkeeper trainer, Jim Walker. Coach Walker has been there for me even before I joined the Dynamos club. He is the one who has put up with me all these years teaching me the skills I needed to be an aggressive goalkeeper and a confident individual. Coach Walker isn’t just my goalkeeper trainer; he is my mentor whom I can proudly look up to. Every trainer or coach has taught me a valuable lesson that has helped me become the player and person I am today. Coach Walker taught me to love the game, Roland taught me to laugh and enjoy playing, Oli taught me that dedication is key for success, my coach (who is like family to me J) has always encouraged me to do what I love, and Wilkie has taught to always give 110% effort, but I’m not completely sure because it’s impossible to understand him yelling on the sidelines in his thick Scottish accent. Each trainer and coach that I’ve had has taught me important life lessons that I can carry out in my future and for that I am eternally grateful. Being on Dynamos has given me so many amazing memories, but the best moments of my time on the club have been from being with my team. Throughout the years I have been blessed to have gotten to know each one of my teammates who have become like sisters to me. I will never forget the fun times we have shared together, like playing elevator tag in our hotels during tournaments, laughing with or at each other during practices, and knowing that in every game we will have each other’s backs. Although our final season together has come to an end, we will always be a team who can make each other smile and encourage each other to give our best. Being a part of Dynamos hasn’t just given me an amazing soccer experience, it has given me a second family whose friendships will last a lifetime. Playing soccer and being a part of the Dynamos soccer club has been an important part of my life. It has given me so many wonderful memories, lifelong friends, and the confidence to accomplish my future goals. Being a soccer player has become a defining aspect in my life. Whenever I wear a Dynamos shirt I can feel proud for all the hard work I have dedicated to my team. My unfading soccer tan-lines are proof of the countless hours that I have put forth in doing what I love. And the bonds that I have made with my trainers and teammates will forever hold a spot in my heart. Playing soccer for the Dynamos has made me into the person I am today and the skills that I’ve learned from the club over the years will help me succeed in the future and for that I am so thankful. Even though my time playing for the club is over, I will forever by a Dynamos player at heart.
Dynamos Camps
The Dynamos’ great summer program features three camps of training and fun for boys and girls ages nine-to-19 at DyessPark. As part of that program, the Keeper Club presents its 2015 Goalkeeper Camp August 20-22 at DyessPark, three days of training and fun that boys and girls ages nine to 19 won’t want to miss. This is a prime camp opportunity, nine hours of concentrated keeper training from experienced coaches and keepers. Those who sign up and pay for the Dynamos’ Select Camp August 17-21 are eligible to attend the Goalkeeper Camp free, missing only two sessions of Select Camp. For more information about the Goalkeeper Camp, email jwalker@dynamossoccer.comor call 281-217-1612. For other Dynamos’ camps; contact dynamo14@sbcglobal.netor call 713-304-5060. The camp schedule:
FUNdamental Camp--Aug. 10-14, 6-8pm, registration deadline Aug. 7 Fee: $125
SELECT Camp--Aug. 17-21, 10am-noon; 5-8pm deadline Aug. 14 Fee: $225
Goalkeeper Camp--Aug. 20-22, Thurs-Fri 5-8pm; Sat. 9am-noon (lunch at end of camp) deadline Aug. 14  Fee: $125 
**(For goalkeepers who attend Select Camp, there is no charge for the nine-hour GK Camp)
A hearty welcome to new Dynamos trainer Eddie Bloise, a former professional goalkeeper Racing De Cordoba in Argentina and current boys varsity coach at Katy High School. . .If you enjoy keeper training and summer fitness, don’t forget to thank your parents, who have deemed it important enough in your development to deliver you to Dyess Park on a regular basis. . .Many thanks from Coach Walker to those who extended birthday greetings. It was his 80th, but he said he doesn’t feel a day over 79!. . .Congratulations to Kaylee Barrett on receiving one of the Dynamos’ scholarship awards (see essay above). Kaylee has been a loyal Keeper Club member, and the question is: so now who is going to provide the Guessing Game Candy Jar for every Krazy Keeper Christmas Party as Kaylee has in recent years? Kaylee will attend Texas A&M in the fall. . .Junior Keepers have a special invitation to attend the July 14 and July 16 sessions (6pm) of the Summer Fitness and Technical Program at Dyess Park. . .Kaitrin Miller, former longtime member of the Keeper Club turned forward, joined the group at Summer Fitness and Technical Program to prepare for another season at Cy-Falls HS. . .Dynamos players Alexander and Samantha Nichols took a week’s leave from the Summer Fitness Program to compete in the National Pokemon Championships in Indianapolis. Not a lot of stress on either of them, their mom Karen says, because both already have qualified for the World Championships in Boston in August. Samantha, a goalkeeper and member of the Keeper Club, will play for the U12 Dynamos, Alexander for the U13 Dynamos in the fall. . .Houston Dash goalkeeper Erin McLeod, playing in her third World Cup, became a leader for Canada this year as the U. S. neighbor made its mark among the elite before losing a heartbreaker to England. “Aside from all the surehanded saves and leaping punches, she motivates her teammates in little ways that make a big difference,” wrote Janie McCauley in the Houston Chronicle. The Dash expects another strong season from Erin. . .If you have items to share with The Buzz, email jwalker@dynamossoccer.com
Goalkeepers and field players who attended fitness training in June:
 9—Grant Steppe, Claire Juenke, Kaeden Johnson, Hayden Millar, Sam Dominguez, Sydney Cannon, Zac Cannon   Elam Guerra, Maison Bell, Alexander Nichols, Samantha Nichols, Luz Lopez, Steven Franke, Colette Lacour, Drew Thetford. Assisting: Stephen Gonzalez, Kylie Austin
11—Payton Salinas, Sydney Salinas, Claire Juenke, Drew Thetford, Hayden Millar, Elan Guerra, Colette Lacour, Samantha Nichols, Alexander Nichols, Sam Dominguez, Maison Bell, Claire Juenke, Luz Lopez, Sydney Cannon, Zac Cannon, Kaeden Johnson, Edwin Perez, Taiczar Armstrong. Assisting: Kacie Paine, Aleks Alanis
16—Evie Raines
18—Flo Flood, “Lightning” Hopkins
23—Ashlyn Brewer, Claire Juenke, Kaeden Johnson, Payton Salinas, Samantha Nichols, Luz Lopez, Reese Schmadeke, Lauryn Brewer, Asim Dadabhoy, Drew Thetford, Maison Bell, Alexander Nichols, Taiczar Armstrong. Visitor: Johan Alvarez. Assisting: Aleks Alanis
25—Reese Schmadeke, Ashlyn Brewer, Lauryn Brewer, Claire Juenke, Kaeden Johnson, Hayden Millar, Sam Dominguez, Payton Salinas, Drew Thetford, Maison Bell, Luz Lopez, Samantha Nichols, Alexander Nichols, Taiczar Armstrong, Grant Steppe, Michael Garrido. Assisting: Aleks Alanis, Kevin Hobart.
30—Hayden Millar, Drew Thetford, Samantha Nichols, Alexander Nichols, Michael Garrido, Asim Dadabhoy, Luz Lopez,
Success comes in cans. . .not in cannots
Distribution is a crucial element for a goalkeeper. A goalkeeper lacking confidence or skills in distribution can be a huge problem. Not only can your team struggle to hold possession, you will create turnovers that award opponents possession in dangerous areas. Good distribution can keep possession for your team and clear the ball from your defensive third. Quick and accurate distribution from a goalkeeper can start counter attacks for your team.--Taylor Tollison, Australian goalkeeper guru
Play the whistle. Don’t be one of those keepers who raises a hand for offside every time an opponent plays a through ball. As bad as this is for field players to do, it’s much worse for the keeper. Most of the time, it signifies a loss of focus, because you already have more than enough to do as the last line of defense, directing your defensive mates, and initiating the attack. Don’t try to referee, too. You might think you’re influencing a referee’s call, but that is seldom the case. And it’s not your job, anyway. You have a split second to determine what your response will be to the incoming attack. Don’t waste it.

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