Written and edited by Jim Walker
October 2014
A publication of the Keeper! Club
Written and edited by Jim Walker
There will be NO keeper training Mon., Oct. 6, due to the annual Marty Espinoza Memorial Golf Tournament, a Dynamos fundraiser, at Longwood Golf Course. Keepers are welcome to visit Coaches Rolie and Jim at Longwood.  
The Keeper Club provides a support system assisting young keepers in reaching their highest potential by learning basics of catching, diving, cutting the angle, starting the attack and gaining confidence at the position. The training environment challenges young goalkeepers to technical and tactical improvement.  
The Schedule
Mondays: Senior Keepers (10 years and older) at 5:30pm; Junior Keepers at 6:45pm
Thursdays: Senior Keepers at 8pm
Training at Dyess Park in April:  
 2—Senior Goalkeepers 8pm
 6-NO TRAINING (Dynamos Golf Tournament Fundraiser)
 9--Seniors, 8pm
13—Seniors 5:30pm; Juniors, 6:45pm
16—Seniors 8pm
19--Bring Your Own Keeper workshop, 3:30-5pm, COTO Sports facility 
20--Seniors, 5:30pm; Juniors 6:45pm
23—Seniors, 8pm
27--Seniors, 5:30pm; Juniors, 6:45pm
30—Seniors, 8pm
Membership fees
Senior keepers (10 years and older with experience)--$50 thru Oct. 23; $75 thru Dec. 18;
Junior keepers (beginners 10 years and younger--$25 thru Dec. 18
For non-Cy-Fair Youth Soccer Club and Dynamos Select members, the fee is $100 through Dec. 18.
To join, send a check payable to “Keeper Club” to: Dynamos’ Keeper Club, Attn: Loree, 10924 Grant Road #224, HoustonTX77070.
If you have questions, email jwalker332@aol.com or call 281-217-1612
Free Goalkeeper Clinic
For youth coaches and parents, and their goalkeepers, here's a free clinic on working with your boy or girl who has chosen goalkeeper as their preferred position. It's another in a series of Coach Jim Walker's BYOK (Bring Your Own Goalkeeper) workshops. This one will be held at COTO Sports, an indoor facility at FM249 and Louetta, on Sun., Oct. 19, at 3:30pm. Coaches and parents are invited to bring one or more goalkeepers and join in exercises that will assist in helping the keeper prepare for games. It’s a great opportunity to learn effective ways to warm up, get effective touches on the ball, also tips on dealing with keeper successes and failures, and how to help them grow in the position. And it's fun, both for keepers and their partners. Please email JWalker332@aol.com if you plan to attend, with names and ages of keepers you will bring.
Since we can never get enough training on distribution, keepers need to get to their team training sessions 15 minutes early or stay late to practice, throwing, punting and taking goal kicks. On goal kicks we like younger keepers to strike the ball with their laces as hard as they can  into open space downfield. We want the ball to go high and wide, so that in case of a miscue there isn't an immediate counterattack from close range. Most keepers do not take a wide enough approach to the ball to allow their foot to get underneath it. Take as many steps you need to the ball to generate maximum momentum through the ball. Plant the non-kicking foot far from the ball and a bit behind it. Giving yourself a wide approach to the ball will open your hips, and generate a larger pendulum swing through the ball. It's all about leg speed. Momentum is everything!
In addition to instructing goalkeepers, Rolie the Goalie is a fulltime Dynamos trainer, shown here working with the very newest players, Dynamos Academy girls.
Keeper: Hey, Coach, what’s the longest word in the English language?
Coach: Supercali. . .
Keeper: No!
Coach: Methio. . .
Keeper: No!
Coach: Okay, what is it?
Keeper: Smiles
Coach: That’s not very long!
Keeper: Yes it is, there’s a mile between the first and last letters
A reminder: there will be NO goalkeeper training Mon., Oct. 6, due to the Marty Espinoza's Memorial golf tournament, a Dynamos fundraiser at Longwood Golf Club. All Dynamos training for that day is canceled. . .Daylight Saving Time ends Sun., Nov. 2--Fall back one hour. . .The "A's" have it! Keeper Club attendees include Autumn, Amber, Ashlyn, Ashley, Anthony, Abby, and Alli--did we miss anybody?. . .The whole Mosquito clan invaded Rolie the Goalie's Sept. 25 session at Dyess Park and he ran "a short and sweet session due to the infestation," he reported, adding that he trained with a practice jersey over his head to keep the winged pests of his mouth. . .This year's Dyess Park Kick Cancer Camp, which raises funds to battle pediatric cancer, will be held Sat., Dec. 20, from 2 until 5pm.  The clinic will be held at several other Houston locations on Sat., Dec. 13. . .Keeper Club members are invited to join us and help out as demonstrators for the BYOK (Bring Your Own Keeper) workshop at COTO Sports Sun., Oct. 19, 3:30-5pm. Let Coach Walker know you will attend. . .For your chance to win a $25 gift card, answer this question: what did a keeper claim is the longest word in the dictionary? Simply email the answer (which appears elsewhere in this newsletter) to jwalker332@aol.com to be entered in the October drawing. The prize will be awarded at the end of the month. .If you have items—notes, photos, anecdotes--for KeeperTalk, please email jwalker332@aol.com.
Goalkeepers who attended training in September:
 2Ashley Elswick, Isobel Herrod, Izzy Tullier, Ian Herrod, Claire Juenke
 4—Ethan Urrutia, Kaylee Barrett, Lauren Marder, Ashlyn Brewer, Anthony Mancotta, Steven Franke, Sam Dominguez, Izzy Tullier
 8—Ashlyn Brewer, Ashley Elswick, Autumn Driskell, Steven Franke, Kevin Barron, Mia Posey, Isobel Herrod, Ian Herrod, Claire Juenke, Izzy Tullier, Krysten Rhodes, Amber Zlatich, Abby Davis, David Graham.Junior Keepers: Zac Cannon, Elizabeth Corken, Alli Thompson, David Stephen, Georgia Williams, Cole Howard
11—Jared Viesca, Caleb Viesca, Ethan Urrutia, Sam Dominguez, Steve Franke, Lauren Marder, Kodi Garcia, Kaylee Barrett, Izzy Tullier.
15—Autumn Driskell  Steven Franke, Kevin Barron, Mia Posey, Claire Juenke, Krysten Rhodes, David Graham, Ashley Elswick, Ashlyn Brewer, Isobel Herrod, Ian Herrod, Izzy Tullier, Samantha Nichols, Steven Franke, Amber Zlatich. Junior Keepers: Alli Thompson, David Stephen, Georgia Williams, Cole Howard, Zac Cannon, Elizabeth Corken
18--Evie Raines, "Flash" Flood
22--Izzy Tullier, Ethan Urrutia, Claire Juenke, Amber Zlatich, Krysten Rhodes, Autumn Driskell, Ashley Elswick, Kevin Barron, Abigail Davis, David Graham, Mia Posey, Samantha Nichols, Payton Salinas, Ashlyn Brewer. Junior Keepers: Cole Howard, Elizabeth Corken, Alli Thompson
25--Sam Dominguez, Ethan Urrutia, Anthony Mancotta, Izzy Tullier, Mosquito family
29--David Graham, Claire Juenke, Isobel Herrod, Mia Posey, Krysten Rhodes, Ashley Elswick, Ian Herrod, Amber Zlatich, Steven Frank, Ethan Urrutia, Payton Salinas, Autumn Driskell, Izzy Tullier, Samantha Nichols. Junior Keepers: Elizabeth Corken, Zac Cannon, Alli Thompson, Cole Howard
“Focus on your potential instead of your limitations.”—Alan Loy McGinnis
Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
--Christopher Robin to Pooh
There is a saying "better late than never." But not when you're calling "Keeper!" Yelling after you've caught the ball or in the process of catching it is a waste of breath and energy, way too late. The call needs to be early and sharp. a clear communication to alert teammates, and opponents, you are claiming the ball, that it is your ball to catch and they should clear the way for you. Your early call for a cross, or a ball in traffic, is critical to your save and will eliminate problems.  

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