Written and edited by Jim Walker
November 2014
A publication of the Keeper! Club
Written and edited by Jim Walker
The Keeper Club provides a support system assisting young keepers in reaching their highest potential with basics of catching, diving, cutting the angle, starting the attack and gaining confidence at the position. The training environment challenges young goalkeepers to technical and tactical improvement.
The Schedule
Mondays: Senior Keepers (10 years and older) 5:30pm; Junior Keepers 6:45pm
Thursdays: Senior Keepers 8pm
Training at Dyess Park in November:  
 2—Daylight Saving Time ends
 3—Seniors 5:30pm; Juniors, 6:45pm
 6--Seniors 8pm
10--Seniors, 5:30pm; Juniors 6:45pm
13—Seniors, 8pm
17--Seniors, 5:30pm; Juniors, 6:45pm
20—Seniors, 8pm
24—Seniors, 5:30pm; Juniors, 6:45pm
27—NO TRAINING, in observance of Thanksgiving
Membership fees
Senior keepers (10 years and older with experience)--$50 thru Dec. 18;
Junior keepers (beginners 10 years and younger)--$25 thru Dec. 18
To join, send a check payable “Keeper Club” to: Dynamos’ Keeper Club, Attn: Loree, 10924 Grant Road #224, HoustonTX77070.
If you have questions, email jwalker332@aol.com or call 281-217-1612
Eighteen Cy-Fair Youth Soccer Club goalkeepers between the ages of eight and 15, each with a coach or parent as a partner, attended another in a series of BYOK (Bring Your Own Keeper) workshops Sunday, October 19. This one was held indoor at the COTO Sports facility. Keeper Club member Steven Franke ably assisted Coach Jim Walker with demonstrations as they introduced ways for the coach and/or parent to help keepers prepare for games, improve technique, and manage the psychological side of the position. Thanks to Marc and Kris, co-owners of COTO Sports, for use of their facility. A followup BYOK workshop will be scheduled in March. Goalkeepers participating: Russell Allen, Juan Marco Cabrera, Juan Javier Cabrera, Juan Pablo Cabrera, Mason Cheshier, Landen Coe, Christopher Crosswell, Sydney Davidson, Max Dunham, Samantha Hanson, Johan Martinez, Alyssa Martinez, Samantha Nichols, Ashley Keown, Jarryd Oosthuis, Matthew Shaw, Alli Thompson, and Camille Wilhelmsen.
Keeper Club's Steven Franke shows he's a man for all saves--a breakaway, high one, low one and one in the bread basket.  Note in each his concentration is on the ball, not on the assault by strikers.
The Keeper Club's 20th annual Christmas party is scheduled Thursday, December 18 at the Far Pavilion, located at the north end of beautiful downtown Dyess Park. All Keepers are invited to attend a 5pm training session, adjourning at 6pm for Pizza and Powerade. It’s all free for club members, but donations of dessert, cookies, cake or other Christmas treats will be accepted. Activities include attendance awards and the annual "Krazy Keeper" gift exchange (during which treasure and trash come in gift-wrapped packages), guessing contests, and other surprises. 
Oops, totally forgot to congratulate Izzy Tullier for winning the keeper newsletter’s September drawing prize of a $25 gift certificate. Izzy correctly answered that the “bad” goalkeeper blames “everybody else” when a mistake is made. Way to go, Izzy! Wasn’t anybody else’s fault but his that Coach Walker forgot! See below for this week’s magic words. . .Speaking of forgetfulness, a keeper confided to the coach she had won a pizza party delivery from JJ Watt and he can’t remember who it was. Will the lucky winner let him know so he can share the good news in next month’s newsletter?. . .Coach Walker claimed sore knees and begged off a chance to erase smashes off the crossbar, properly called, by Cole Howard and Zac Cannon, so he coughed up bottles of Powerade for everyone after Junior Keeper training Oct. 27. . .Trevor Gibson, longtime Dynamos keeper and member of Keeper Club (for nine years), appeared Oct. 27 to work out and help out with senior keeper training. Trevor, who promised to return, is the starting goalkeeper for Tomball Memorial HS and also is a football kicker for the Wildcats. . .Ryan Benner, son of former professional keeper David Benner, is a freshman goalkeeper at Southwestern University, playing for former Dynamos Select Camp instructor Don Gregory. David is one of the inspirations for the Keeper Club and has instructed numerous times at Summer Goalkeeper Camps. . .Klein High School graduate Tyler Deric patiently rode the bench for five years before realizing his dream—the starter’s role for the Houston Dynamo. When regular keeper Tally Hall went down with an injury, Tyler played the last nine games of the season. Now that Tally has been traded, Tyler’s da man!. . .For your chance to win a $25 gift card, answer this question: why will there be NO training November 27? Simply email the answer (which appears elsewhere in this newsletter) to jwalker332@aol.comto be entered into the September drawing. . .If you have items--photos, anecdotes--for KeeperTalk, please email jwalker332@aol.com
Dynamos alum Patty Walrath won Southland Conference Goalkeeper of the Week honors for her play last weekend for Houston Baptist University. 
Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
Lettuce who?
Lettuce get the game started!
Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
FIFA who?
FIFA fo fum!
Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
Grammar who?
Grammar and grandpa are big soccer fans
Knock knock
Who’s there?
Year who?
Year the goalie
Goalkeepers who attended training in October:
  2--Ethan Urrutia, Sam Dominguez, Anthony Mancotta, Bryce Hinze, Kaylee Barrett, Izzy Tullier, Lauren Marder
 6—Off for golf tournament
 9—Sam Dominguez, Ethan Urrutia, Anthony Mancottay
13—Kevin Barron, Izzy Tullier, Claire Juenke, Michael Garrido; Junior Keeper: Zac Cannon
16—Anthony Mancotta, Sam Dominguez, Steven Franke, and Ethan Urrutia
20—Kevin Barron, Ashlyn Brewer, Steven Franke, Abby Davis, Isobel Herrod, Ian Herrod, Krysten Rhodes, Amber Zlatich, Samantha Nichols, Claire Juenke, Payton Salinas; Junior Keepers: Alli Thompson, Cole Howard, Elizabeth Corken, Zac Cannon
23—Steven Franke, Ethan Urrutia, Kaylee Barrett, Bryce Hinze
27—Kevin Barron, Ashlyn Brewer, Steven Franke, Isobel Herrod, Ian Herrod, Krysten Rhodes, Amber Zlatich, Samantha Nichols, Claire Juenke, David Graham; Junior Keepers: Alli Thompson, Cole Howard, Elizabeth Corken, Zac Cannon, Georgia Williams. Assisting: Trevor Gibson
"I hate when the season comes to an end, I really do. You have so much time to reflect on everything now. It was tough but we are all professional players. We get paid to win games, we get paid to do our job. You want to keep trying to find the right ingredients to change that. Now there's no more games, there's no more training, there's no more anything until next preseason. You have to sit with those thoughts for the next two months. It's going to be on your mind for a long time until you can correct it."--San Jose Earthquakes goalkeeper Jon Busch.
Using the correct knee (the one closest to the nearest attacker) when going for a high ball is important and takes a fair amount of coordination, so keepers need numerous repetitions to get it right. It not only aids in holding onto the ball, but helps to prevent injury. When going up to catch high balls, tilt your hands and get your fingers a bit over the top of the ball. Otherwise, the ball can roll off your fingers and over them into the net.
In pre-game warmups, after stretching, re-stretching, rehydrating, and carrying out activities that stress handling and catching the ball, it’s time to hit the ground. Not hard. “Getting on the ground 30 times” from Keeper Club warmups is a good one, but anything that will give you contact with the ground, slowly extending to full range, will work. Side to side from a seated position, then from knees, then standing is another suggestion. Do this instead of going in goal and having teammates shoot at you. You need touches. . .they want to score on you.  

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