There are three weekly goalkeeper training sessions at Dyess Park:
Mondays: Juniors (8-10 years old), 5:30-6:30pm with Roland Sikinger
Tuesdays: Intermediates (11-14 years old), 6:45pm-8pm with Eddie Bloise
Thursdays: Seniors (15 years and older), 8-9:15pm-with Roland Sikinger
Select goalkeepers are urged to regularly attend their designated training!
The Keeper! Club provides regular training at Dyess Park for boys and girls interested in improving their skills for the position of goalkeeper. For those 10 years and younger, Junior Keepers provides a weekly training session to learn fundamentals and skills necessary to play the position.


FEE FOR FALL SEASON (11 years and older, August-December): $100.00 for Dynamos and CFYSC members, $200.00 if not a member of the Dynamos or CFYSC. Junior Keepers (Beginners 10 yrs & younger): $50.00.
Please encourage all keepers to join this program!

Summer Camp
Thank goodness it was pre-Harvey! Yes, the heat was intense, but not close to the intensity of the boys and girls who reported eagerly each day for this year’s Summer Goalkeeper Camp Aug. 16-18 at Dyess Park. With veteran trainers Brandon Renken and David Benner calling the shots, ably assisted by Kacie Paine and Kylie Austin, the 20-some keepers each day showed courage and sticktuitiveness in their efforts to improve themselves in soccer’s most specialized position. Again the focus was on excellence and the campers responded with a high work rate. Both David and Brandon were impressed by the keeper output after facing their own obstacles even getting to Dyess. For the first day’s session, David drove four hours from Dallas and it took Brandon an hour and a half in heavy traffic from his law office in downtown Houston. The keepers received a quality three hours of wisdom and sweat-provoking work three hours a day for three days. The camp carried on Thursday and Friday as the campers bravely battled the heat to improve saving and diving technique, reaction to shots, and flying to high balls, even a special session on taking goal kicks. Karen Nichols, Sam's mom, was named MVP (Most Valuable Pizzadeliverer) again for transporting the Locatelli's right on time for Friday’s closing party. This year's camp roster: Jillian Soliah, Victoria Finidori, Samantha Rank, Samantha Yeager, Samantha Nichols, Claire Juenke, Amber Zlatich, Elizabeth Corken, Sophie Pettus, Levi Crane, Brooks Stirk, Zachary Cannon, Caleb Heiskell, Elmer Rosas, Andy Garcia, Nathan Morgan, Ben Jones, Philip White, Bryant Brooks, Casey Jones, Maddie Saucedo, Payton Salinas.

1996—Keeper Club members Scott Edwards, Brandon Renken and Mia Watkins attended the three-day special camp featuring Houston Hotshots goalkeeper Terry Waldorf at Matzke Soccer Complex. The trio agreed they came away with much-improved skills along with aching muscles after nearly eight hours of intense instruction. Waldorf, whose professional career included indoor stints in Buffalo and outdoor soccer for Willem II in the Netherlands, returned many times as a guest instructor camps and clinics for the Keeper Club.
2006—After 13 years of the printed version, the Keeper Club went online fulltime with Keeper!, the newsletter for goalkeepers,, “continuing news about goalkeepers, including our own as well as everybody else’s.”

(Answers can be found in Keeper Talk)
1. Why did they call the goalkeeper Dracula?
2. What do you use to “hoe a row, slay a foe, wring with woe, and give a five?”
3. What is the more a goalkeeper takes the more left behind?
4. What is it that leaps and runs and has no feet?
5. Why doesn’t Steven Franke like to eat snails?
6. What is a Keeper Club member after the age of ten?
7. Sam Nichols says she knows why elephants have wrinkled ankles. Do you?
8. Claire Juenke is sure she knows the greatest bet ever made. Do you?
9. What are the three saddest words for soccer players?
10. Roli the Goalie says it’s a good idea to play soccer in graveyards. . .why?
Answers appear in KeeperTalk

Two of the Dynamos’ most ambitious players, always ready to play or train, are Samantha and Alexander Nichols. Sensing their disappointment at Hurricane Harvey’s rude interference, Coach Walker invited them out to Dyess Lake where “Sam can practice her diving, and Alex can swim some 70s.” Sam, of course, is a goalkeeper and Alex this summer established a new record for the 70s at the Walker Fitness Camp. . .Dr. Heather Koudelka Sgro visited Keeper Camp with her husband, Mike, and the newest Keeper Club member, three-week-old Jacob, who wasn’t able to train yet, but kept a discerning eye on his Dyess Park surroundings. Heather normally serves as an instructor for the annual camp, but needed to tend to “Mom” duties this year. . .Thanks to Kacie Paine and Kylie Austin, both college students, who assisted at Keeper Camp. . . Kole Smith, who suffered a broken right arm near the end of Select Camp and forced to miss Goalkeeper Camp, is looking forward to joining his U13 Dynamos Gold team by mid-September. . .Veteran trainer Roland Sikinger has added a new title to his Dynamos resume: Developmental Director. Roli directed the Future Stars camp and will be in charge of the 2017-18 Future Stars program as well as directing training for the Junior and Senior goalkeepers this fall season. . .Keeper Camp trainers learned very quickly not to yell “Hey Sam!” because three Samanthas (Nichols, Yeager, and Rank) would come running. . .Answers to Riddle Time: 1. Because he was afraid of crosses; 2. Your hands; 3. Footsteps; 4. Ball; 5. He prefers fast food; 6. Eleven; 7. They lace their boots too tight; 8. The alphabet; 9. Rain--No Game; 10. You can always dig up another player. . .Payton Salinas is winner of last month’s drawing of those who answered the question: “At what university does Coach Walker claim Confucious was a goalkeeper in 551BC?” As did others, Payton questioned the veracity of the claim, but entered anyway (Hundred Schools of Thought) in quest of the prize—a $25 gift certificate to Soccer-for-All. This month’s puzzler: who was it that called courage “grace under pressure”? To enter, email with your answer (which is elsewhere in this newsletter).

Keeper 9 1 17
Are Tim Howard's gloves regulation size?

Goalkeepers and field players who attended the Keeper Club’s Conditioning and Technical Program during August 2017:
1 (Fitness Camp)—Reese Schmadeke, Sydney Cannon, Zac Cannon, Karryn Duncan, Jayden Goytia, Keegan Goytia, Grace Ehrenfeld, Michelle MacInyre, Alex Nichols, Samantha Nichols, Ashley Kimassi, Haelyn Rankin, Ashlyn Rankin, Ashley Kimassi, Sophie Pettus, Steven Franke, Olivia Urrutia, Jacob Beachum, Gabe Caprio. Guest: Kaitrin Miller; Assisting: Kylie Austin
3 (Fitness Camp)—Kole Smith, Haelyn Rankin, Ashlyn Rankin, Ashley Kimassi, Sydney Cannon, Zac Cannon, Karryn Duncan, Victoria Finidori, Jayden Goytia, Keegan Goytia, Grace Ehrenfeld, Brooke Hensley, Michelle MacIntyre, Steven Franke, Alex Nichols, Samantha Nichols, Reese Schmadeke, Sophie Pettus, Gabe Caprio, Karson Funderburk, Kohen Funderburk, Olivia Urrutia, Jade Dewbre, Nick Piercefield. Guests: Jerissa Grimes. Kahlid Zellers. Assisting: Kylie Austin
14-16 (Keeper Camp)—Jillian Soliah, Victoria Finidori, Samantha Rank, Samantha Nichols, Samantha Yeager, Claire Juenke, Zac Cannon, Elizabeth Corken, Sophie Pettus, Maddie Saucedo, Payton Salinas, Levi Crane, Brooks Stirk, Caleb Heiskell, Elmer Rosas, Andy Garcia, Nathan Morgan, Ben Jones, Philip White, Bryant Brooks, Casey Jones, Alex Lopez
21 (Junior Keeper training)—Jillian Soliah, Victoria Finidori
22—22 (Intermediate training)--Zac Cannon, Samantha Yeager, Samantha Nichols, Robbie Steadman, John Steadman, Andy Garcia, Noah Bar, Victoria Finidori, Alli Thompson, Philip White, Elmer Rosa
24 (Senior training)—Steven Franke, Bryant Brooks, Payton Salinas, Elizabth Corken, Sophie Pettus, Claire Juenke, Kate Nguyen
28—Harvey Heracain
29—Gail Storm
31—Muddy Messi

“The keeper has personality, charisma. It's a very social position with communicating, directing, sometimes a calming factor in stressful situations by cutting a joke. I remember Sepp Maier throwing out a ball and theatrically flopping on the ground, executing a somersault and a flip back up on his feet. Where have all the good times gone?"--Roland Sikinger

Don’t “cheat” while doing conditioning and pressure training exercises. Put forth maximum effort and it will pay off for you sometime in a key situation during an important match.

“The zone is a state of mind which is marked by a sense of calmness. In addition, there is a heightened sense of awareness and focus. Actions seem effortless and there is an increased belief that your dreams or goals can become achievable and real. In addition, there is also a sense of deep enjoyment when the person is in this unique, special and magical state of being.”—Dr. Jay Granat, Sports Psychologist