In October, there are three weekly goalkeeper training sessions at Dyess Park:
Mondays: Junior Keepers (8-10 years old), 5:30-6:30pm with Roland Sikinger
Tuesdays: Intermediates (11-14 years old), 6:45pm-8pm with Eddie Bloise
Thursday: Seniors (15 years and older), 8-9:15pm-with Roland Sikinger
Select goalkeepers are urged to regularly attend their designated training!
The Keeper! Club provides regular training at Dyess Park for boys and girls interested in improving their skills for the position of goalkeeper. For those 10 years and younger, Junior Keepers provides a weekly training session to learn fundamentals and skills necessary to play the position.


Junior Keepers (Beginners 10 yrs & younger): $50.00. For those 11 years and older, August-December): $100.00 for Dynamos and CFYSC members, $200.00 if not a member of the Dynamos or CFYSC.
Please encourage all keepers to join this program!

Keeper Photo
All Dynamos goalkeepers are invited to join in the Keeper Club’s annual group photo, which will be taken by Wade's Photography at Dyess Park onThurs., Oct. 5 at 5:30pm. When you arrive at the Far Horizon (north end concession building), please report to Jim Walker, Roland Sikinger, or Eddie Bloise to be included in the photo. Please wear your keeper jersey.

Bring Your Own Keeper
Coaches and parents are invited to bring boys and girls who are aspiring goalkeepers to the “Bring Your Own Keeper,” a free workshop scheduled forSunday, October 8, at 3:30pm at Dyess Park. Moderator Jim Walker will lead activities which will help prepare young keepers to prepare for games; also discussed will be the psychological side of this special position. All ages are welcome for the workshop which will run approximately an hour and a half. It's free, but attendees are requested to register by emailing jwalker332@aol.com with the name and age of the keeper, and name of the coach or parent who will accompany him or her. Workshop activities will be held at the Dyess Park gazebo and nearby fields.

2001—Dynamos and Keeper Club alumnus Brandon Renken worked in the criminal justice department in the Governor’s office in Austin during his summer vacation from Harvard University. The college junior attended Cy-Creek HS and is a varsity keeper for the Crimson.
2004—Samer Fadda put his training to work while attending the Longhorn Soccer Camp. By the second day, coaches already were identifying him as the best keeper in camp and he affirmed their appraisal by capturing the first place trophy in the Goalie Wars competition.
2011-A record turnout of 40, including 21 keepers and prospective keepers along with coaches and parents, attended the “Bring Your Own Keeper” workshop to discuss ways to handle pre-game warmups for the special position. Thanks to Coach John Booker for his input, Keeper Club member Noah Schroer for his help as a demonstrator, and Stephanie Thetford for administrative assistance.
2014--After oodles of diving on the cold hard unrelenting ground of Dyess #2, Coach Walker yielded to pleas for a round of soccer golf since the park was empty. Testing their punting D ‘n A (distance and accuracy), they found their distance dynamic, but accuracy atrocious as Ian, Aly, Ansley, Steven and Raul airmailed lots of monstrous shots without proper addresses. Lots of grins on the red faces, however, as they toured the wide-open “golf” course.

Providing yourself with a steady stream of goals doesn’t mean you have to keep achieving them. Giving up a goal is just as significant as making a save, because it changes your relationship to the ultimate goal. Giving yourself something to cheer about is fine; giving yourself something to worry about also works. Both will move you closer to your goal of self-improvement. Goal setting and goal tending is crucial to a keeper’s development. Write down your goals because seeing them on paper helps you to focus. Once these goals have been identified it is not only important to document them but to identify target dates. Challenge yourself but be reasonable when selecting a date. Give yourself time to reach each goal.

The Dynamos have postponed the annual Marty Espinoza Memorial Golf Tournament, usually held in the fall, until the spring of 2018. Hurricane Harvey was the main reason for the change—many families still many families still dealing with damage, and the Longwood Golf Course was forced to close for a time. . .If you enjoy keeper training, don’t forget to thank your parents, who have deemed it important enough in your development to deliver you to training each time. . .When Payton Salinas was notified that she was winner of the August Keeper newsletter drawing, she immediately donated the $25 gift card to aid someone affected by Hurricane Harvey. . .Samantha Nichols was the only one to note that the answers to the September quiz was not in the newsletter. . .an oops by the editor who replaced a quote by Ernest Hemingway with something else. So Sam gets a prize for her diligent reading. This month’s drawing question is: what former Dynamos goalkeeper worked in the Texas Criminal Justice Department during summer vacation prior to his junior year of college? Answer is elsewhere in this newsletter. To enter the drawing for a $25 gift certificate, email your answer to: jwalker332@aol.com.

CoachesMemo Sep29 17 goalie
Photo by Heather Cannon
Dynamos goalkeeper Zac Cannon reaches above everyone for a save.

Goalkeepers who attended Keeper Club training during September 2017:
4—Judy Holiday
5--Samantha Nichols, Alli Thompson, Andy Garcia, Zac Cannon
7--Bryant Brooks, Payton Salinas, Steven Franke, Elizabeth Corken, Sophie Pettus, Claire Juenke, Kate Nguyen, Kaeden Johnson
11—Jillian Soliah
12—Andy Garcia, Elmer Rosas, Zac Cannon, Noah Bar, Samantha Nichols, Amber Zlatich, Victoria Finidori, Maritza
14—Peter Skeeter
25—Jillian Soliah, Caleb Shiery, Kiran DeSai
26--Zac Cannon, Andy Nelson, Samantha Nichols, Amber Zlatich, Montze Mendez, Elmer Rosas, Noah Bar, Ally Thompson.
28—Casey Jones, Payton Salinas, Claire Juenke, Samantha Nichols, Sophie Pettus

Everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.—Anonymous goalkeeper

Short on time? Don’t skip the warmup! Before a tough game or training session, make sure you give your body the opportunity to stretch. Start with some gentle jogging to warm your muscles and follow by stretching all the major muscle groups. This will help prevent injury and muscle cramping.—Tony Meola, former U. S. National team goalkeeper who appeared in three World Cups.

The round-shouldered and on-toes position should be maintained on the run out of the goal. Any keeper coming out too upright, or worse, reeling back on the heels at the moment of the shot, will make things too easy for the approaching striker. The goalkeeper should remain as “big” as possible for as long as possible.