Written and edited by Jim Walker
May 2014
A publication of the Keeper! Club
Written and edited by Jim Walker
Regular goalkeeper training ends May 22; for Junior Keepers the last session will be May 19 (see schedule below). There will be no session for Seniors on May 15, as Coach Roland will be involved in tryouts.
Mondays: Senior Keepers at 5:30pm; Junior Keepers at 6:45pm
Thursdays: Senior Keepers at 8pm
Training at DyessPark in May:  
 1--Senior keepers, 8pm
 5--Seniors, 5:30pm; Junior keepers, 6:45pm
 8--Seniors, 8pm
12—Seniors 5:30pm; Juniors, 6:45pm
15—No keeper training--tryouts
19--Seniors, 5:30pm; Juniors 6:45pm
22—Seniors, 8pm
If you have questions, email jwalker332@aol.com or call 281-217-1612
Dynamos Select
Open and free tryouts for Dynamos Select teams will be held at Dyess Park May 12-15 for under-11 through under-13 boys and girls, and June 2-5 for U14-U18 boys and girls. Candidates are required to register online at www.dynamossoccer.com. It is hoped all goalkeepers of Cy-Fair U-10-and-over teams will attend the tryouts. Even if you have not decided whether to go Select, the tryout procedure is a good experience for all young players and it’s free. Parents, remember that tryouts should not be a “trying” time for either you or your player(s), so resist the urge to put pressure on your boy or girl by demanding that they “try harder”. . .let them enjoy the experience. Trialists are requested to bring a ball, comfortable soccer shoes, shin guards, and water. Keepers, remember your gloves! For additional information or answers to your questions, check out the website (above) or email Olivier at dynamo14@dynamossoccer.com.
Here’s the schedule:
U11 boys and girls (8/1/03-7/31/04) Mon., May 12 and Wed., May 14, 5:30pm-7pm  
U12 boys and girls (8/1/02-7/31/03) Mon., May 12 and Wed., May 14, 7pm-8:30pm
U13 boys and girls (8/1/01-7/31/02) Tues., May 13 and Thurs., May 15, 7pm-8:30pm
U14 boys and girls (8/1/00-7/31/01) Mon., June 2 and Wed., June 4, 5:30pm-7pm
U15 boys and girls (8/1/99-7/31/00) Mon., June 2 and Wed., June 4, 5:30pm-7pm
U16 boys and girls (8/1/98-7/31/99) Tues., June 3 and Thurs., June 5, 5:30-7pm
U17 boys and girls (8/1/97-7/31/99) Tues., June 3 and Thurs., June 5, 7pm-8:30pm
U18 boys and girls (8/1/96-7/31/97) Tues., June 3 and Thurs., June 5, 7pm-8:30pm
The Keeper Club's annual Summer Conditioning and Technical Program for goalkeepers preparing for high school and college soccer begins June 10 (week after 14-18 tryouts) and continues at Dyess Park on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings (6pm-7:15pm) through August 7 (week before Select Camp). This is a progressive curriculum for boys and girls 14 years and older focusing on the demanding "keeper work" that will help keepers compete at a higher level. Jim Walker will again direct the program and guest trainers will be invited to handle special assignments. For Dynamos and Cy-Fair Youth Soccer Club members, the fee is $75 for the entire summer program. Cost for non-Dynamos or CFYSC players is $100. A limited number of field players and underage goalkeepers will be accepted for this summer's program. There will be registration forms available online. For more information, email jwalker332@aol.com or call 281-217-1612.  
Coach Roland reports that when it was time to show Sam Dominguez, Marissa Mills, Raul Rosas, and Ethan Urrutia how to complete a perfect somersault, “the kids had a grand time.” They rolled forward until they got it down pat, then they rolled backward until the coach was satisfied. Some soreness resulted, but not to the keepers. “Too bad,” commented Rolie the Goalie, “I had to demo.”
When Coach Walker returned to training after eye surgery in early-April, a group of Junior Keeper girls crowded around him and Elizabeth asked: “Can you see now?” Coach Walker, still behind sunglasses, looked them over and, pointing to Claire, Megan, and Georgia, replied: “Sure, William, I can see fine, and you’re George, and you’re Albert, and you’re Henry, right?.” There were startled looks before they cracked up.
Coach Roland thought a young keeper, complaining of breathing problems and a pain in his side, had damaged some ribs during diving practice and took him to his mom, who was waiting in the family vehicle. Deeply concerned, Roland advised her to keep an eye on her son and go for x-rays if the pain persisted. The coach returned to training, and five minutes later the keeper re-appeared and asked to resume training, explaining that while sitting in the truck, he burped and felt much better. 
Kennedy McGill of Cy-Fair HS, U16 Dynamos and Keeper Club member, earned second team honors and another Keeper Clubber, Kacie Paine (Langham Creek HS), won honorable mention on the all-17-5A district high school squad. Former Keeper Club regulars who gained high school recognition included Tomball Memorial’s Trevor Gibson, named district GK of the year, and Cy-Falls’ Kaitrin Miller, selected to the all-district second team. . .Two popular Keeper Club stalwarts returned to training after physical setbacks: Steven Franke from a broken arm to help Coach Walker with a session on April 21 and started training the following week, and Ethan Urrutia on April 24 after an emergency appendectomy. . .Seth Doulin, a 10-year-old visitor from Louisiana participated in both sessions on April 21. His Mom once played keeper at Louisiana State University and Seth wants to be a college keeper someday, too. . .Congratulations to Keeper Club alumnus Sabrina Pasier, who graduates this month from St. Edward’s University, where she played for the women’s club soccer team. . .U. S. Navy Lt. Carolyn Kenaley, who played at Virginia Military Institute as a midfielder but was once a Keeper Club member, earned her wings as a fighter pilot in April. . .Shelby Edmiston, the former Dynamos and Keeper Club member who appeared April 11 on the “Wheel of Fortune, ” walked away from the television show with a $700 camera, $2,500 in cash and a weeklong vacation to Jamaica for two. The show was filmed on Valentine's Day, but Shelby, a sophomore at Texas A&M, was sworn to secrecy until it aired two months later--a challenge that rivaled the game show, she said. Way to go, Shelby!. . .Former Dynamos player and Keeper Club member Kerry Pierce is home recovering from open heart surgery last week at Tomball Memorial Hospital. . .Junior Keeper Zac Cannon is winner of a gift card to Soccer-4-All in the April drawing for his reply of “Lauren Prewitt” to the question “which Dynamos trainer plays for the Houston Aces.” To enter your name in the May drawing for a $25 gift card, tell us the name of the U. S. World Cup team’s goalkeeper in the 90s (answer elsewhere in this newsletter). Email your answer to jwalker@dynamossoccer.com. . .Goalkeepers, coaches, and parents are urged to share photos and items of interest for use in Keeper! and KeeperTalk--Simply email to jwalker332@aol.com.
Junior Keeper Claire Juenke appears just as comfortable in two diverse roles--beautifully attired as a flower girl at a relative's wedding, or prepared for game day in her Scare Bear keeper jersey!
Goalkeepers who attended Keeper Club training sessions in April:
 3—Samantha Adrianson, Sam Dominguez, Marissa Mills, Kodi Garcia
 7—Michaelyn Wilkinson, Ethan Rimbey, Mia Posey, Aly Crouch, Ian Herrod, Isobel Herrod, Aaron Austin, Samantha Adrianson, Ansley Blake, Morgan Zachos, Ian Lancaster, Payton Salinas; Junior Keepers—Zac Cannon, Georgia Williams, Claire Juenke, Elizabeth Corken, Charles DeLancey, Abbie Bridges, Austin Ackerman, Cassidy Graham, Izzy Tullier, Megan McAfee, Amber Zlatich, Samantha Nichols,
10—Marissa Mills, Kaylee Barrett, Sam Dominguez
14—Mia Posey, Aly Crouch, Ansley Blake, Ian Lancaster, Isobel Herrod, Ian Herrod
Junior Keepers: Zac Cannon, Austin Ackerman, Claire Juenke, Megan McAfee
17—Sam Dominguez, Kacie Paine, Marissa Mills
21—Ansley Blake, Mia Posey, Aly Crouch, Ian Lancaster, Ethan Urrutia, Aaron Austin, Mia Posey. Visitor: Seth Doulin; Junior Keepers: Claire Juenke, Elizabeth Corken, Austin Ackerman, Zac Cannon, Izzy Tullier, Megan McAfee, Georgia Williams, Amber Zlatich. Visitor: Seth Doulin
24—Sam Dominguez, Raul Roses, Marissa Mills, Ethan Urrutia
28—Michaelyn Wilkinson, Aly Crouch, Morgan Zachos, Mia Posey, Ansley Blake, Ian Lancaster, Isobel Herrod, Ian Herrod, Payton Salinas; Junior Keepers: Megan McAfee, Amber Zlatich, Claire Juenke, Samantha Nichols, Elizabeth Corken, Austin Ackerman, Zac Cannon, Izzy Tullier, Sam Dominguez, Cole Howard, Cassidy Graham.
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the United States hosting the 1994 World Cup--a good time to check in with Tony Meola, who started every game in goal for the USA when it reached the second round of a World Cup for the first time since 1930. Meola, who also helped the U. S. end its 40-year World Cup drought by qualifying for Italia ‘90, is heavily involved in youth soccer. Tony stills spends time with his 1994 World Cup teammates. He co-hosts the SiriusXM radio show “Counter Attack” with John Harkes, a fellow Kearny, N.J. product. He has assisted Tab Ramos--another New Jersey childhood friend--with the men’s U-20 national team--and is assisting Hugo Perez with the U.S. U-15 boys. Meola finishes the radio show at 7 p.m. and by 7:07 he’s on the field coaching New Jersey youth soccer. Up until last year, he had been coaching his son with the Berkeley SA under-16s and now he’s coaching his daughter’s Toms River FC U-14s.Mike Woitalla, Soccer America
“Goalkeeping is a difficult position requiring simple skills. What makes great goalkeeping is perfecting those simple skills.”—Teacher and soccer coach Vincent Lavery
Remember, your behavior during the few seconds after a goal is scored against your team is critical. It’s your option. You can drop your head, kick the dirt and watch your team fall apart. . .or you can be a leader and rally your teammates to bigger and better things.
Short? Don’t worry, be happy! Lack of size shouldn’t deter any boy or girl from becoming a goalkeeper. Size surely helps to dominate on high balls or having a greater reach when diving for wide ones. But shorter keepers often have the advantage of quickness, more flexibility, better agility, and less vulnerability on low balls. Dramatic changes take place in boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 15 years old, and often that little sprig becomes a big oak. Training can make a big difference. Improvement of vertical leap and increasing range can open up new avenues of performance capability.

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