Written and edited by Jim Walker
April 2014
A publication of the Keeper! Club
Written and edited by Jim Walker
Join the Keeper Club along with other boys and girls who are polishing their skills as goalkeepers. The Keeper Club provides a support system that assists young keepers in reaching their highest potential by learning basics of catching, diving, cutting the angle, starting the attack and gaining confidence at the position. The training environment challenges young goalkeepers to technical and tactical improvement.  
The Schedule
Mondays: Senior Keepers at 5:30pm; Junior Keepers at 6:45pm
Thursdays: Senior Keepers at 8pm
Training at DyessPark in April:  
 3--Senior keepers, 8pm
 7—Seniors, 5:30pm; Junior keepers, 6:45pm
10--Seniors, 8pm
14—Seniors 5:30pm; Juniors, 6:45pm
17—Seniors 8pm
21--Seniors, 5:30pm; Juniors 6:45pm
24—Seniors, 8pm
28--Seniors, 5:30pm; Juniors, 6:45pm
Membership fees
Senior keepers (experienced keepers 10 years and older)--$50 through May 22;
Junior keepers (beginners 10 years and younger--$25 through May 22
To join, send a check payable to “Keeper Club” to Dynamos’ Keeper Club, Attn: Loree, 10924 Grant Road #224, HoustonTX77070.
If you have questions, email jwalker332@aol.com or call 281-217-1612
Junior Keepers caught by the ever-roving camera of Andrew Bridges!
Standing (left to right): Megan McAfee, Amber Zlatich, Cassidy Graham, Elizabeth Corken, Izzy Tullier, Maison Bell, Samantha Nichols, Georgia Williams, Charles DeLancey; Kneeling in front: Zac Cannon and Cole Howard
Dynamos Select
Open and free tryouts for Dynamos Select teams will be held at DyessPark May 12-15 for under-11 through under-13 boys and girls, and June 2-5 for U14-U18 boys and girls. Candidates are required to register online at www.dynamossoccer.com. It is hoped all goalkeepers of Cy-Fair under-10-and-over teams will attend the tryouts. Even if you have not decided whether to go Select, the tryout procedure is a good experience for all young players and it’s free. Trialists are requested to bring a ball, comfortable soccer shoes, shin guards, and water. For additional information or answers to your questions, check out the website (above) or email Olivier at dynamo14@dynamossoccer.com    
Here’s the schedule:
U11 boys and girls (8/1/03-7/31/04) Mon., May 12 and Wed., May 14, 5:30pm-7pm  
U12 boys and girls (8/1/02-7/31/03) Mon., May 12 and Wed., May 14, 7pm-8:30pm
U13 boys and girls (8/1/01-7/31/02) Tues., May 13 and Thurs., May 15, 7pm-8:30pm
U14 boys and girls (8/1/00-7/31/01) Mon., June 2 and Wed., June 4, 5:30pm-7pm
U15 boys and girls (8/1/99-7/31/00) Mon., June 2 and Wed., June 4, 5:30pm-7pm
U16 boys and girls (8/1/98-7/31/99) Tues., June 3 and Thurs., June 5, 5:30-7pm
U17 boys and girls (8/1/97-7/31/99) Tues., June 3 and Thurs., June 5, 7pm-8:30pm
U18 boys and girls (8/1/96-7/31/97) Tues., June 3 and Thurs., June 5, 7pm-8:30pm
“What’s this tabooshun?” a Junior Keeper asked when the goalkeeper tutor announced the subject for the evening would be “Distribution D ‘n A.” In Keeper Club terms, that translates to “distance and accuracy by kicking and throwing.” Each wearing a wee bit of the green because it was St. Patrick’s Day, eight keepers reported for the first session, and six more, including David O’Graham who partook of both hours, showed up for the second. Sure and begorrah, it was a St. Paddy’s Day tournament, and while history claims the sport of golf originated in Scotland, it was for reasons of convenience in the tale spun by Coach O’Walker (who by the way was resplendent in neon Puma footwear and a green Baylor University shirt) the sport of keeper-golf was begun by an angry little leprechaun too short to be a goalkeeper but who loved to boot and toss things over hill and dale. So it was on this day that throwing and kicking the soccer ball over the greenery, and brownery, of Dyess Park—chock full of natural and man-made hazards (trees, bayous, fences, and roadways)—were Isobel O’Herrod, Aly O’Crouch, Ansley O’Blake, Payton O’Salinas, David O’Graham (two rounds), Ethan O’Urrutia, Samantha O’Adrianson, Megan O’McAfee, Andy O’Garcia, Claire O’Juenke, Ian O’Herrod, Zac O’Cannon, and Sam O’Dominguez. After the tee off, the connection of Distance AND accuracy began to seep into these fertile goalkeeper minds. Samantha, for example, acknowledged she could really air mail her punts, but not consistently to the correct address; Aly gleaned that tree branches were a definite deterrent to distance when accuracy was not applied, Ethan discovered that one of the Dyess Park rangers—no names mentioned--had missed emptying one trash barrel when his ball found its way into one, and Ansley proved beyond doubt that a keeper-golfer can, too, hit a fence, a tree, and a wet bayou all on the same approach. That was St. Patrick’s Day at DyessPark.
Keeper Club condolences to longtime Cy-Fair Youth Soccer Club office manager and administrator Lisa Griffin and her family on the death of her father, Benton Thomas McGarrah, 81, in late March. . .Former Dynamos goalkeeper Shelby Edmiston, currently a student at Texas A&M University, is a contestant on the 6000th Wheel of Fortune television show on Fri., April 11. . .Keeper Club alumnus Patty Walrath started and shut out the Houston Aces for the first half late in March when her HoustonBaptistUniversity team faced the pro team in a friendly match. After Patty retired for the day, the Aces scored twice in the second half for a 2-0 victory over the Huskies. . .Steven Franke, still more than a month from resuming keeper work after breaking his right arm, visited Dyess Park March 24 and revealed his surgery scar to his team and Keeper Club mates, saying he is eager to return. . .Houston Dash goalkeeper Bianca Henninger has been assigned as “Special Dash Ambassador” to the Dynamos. Many Dynamos players and parents plan to attend the opening home game of the new National Women’s Soccer League franchise at BBVA Compass Stadium on Sat., April 12 (7:30pm) vs. Portland Thorns, featuring U. S. national team star Alex Morgan. Fans can get an early look at both the Dash and Houston Aces, featuring our own Lauren Prewitt, when they face each other in a pre-season match Sat. April 5 (kickoff about 9:30pm following the Houston Dynamo-FC Dallas game). The Dynamos Select Club has been offered tickets to the doubleheader for $18 each. To purchase group tickets, contact Joshua Givens (new Dynamos/Dynamo contact) at 713-276-7530. . .Keepers, if you enjoy keeper training, don’t forget to thank your parents, who have deemed it important enough in your development to deliver you to Dyess Park. . .Payton Salinas is winner of a gift card to Soccer-4-All in the March drawing for her reply of “West Soccer Club” as the name of our club before becoming the Cy-Fair Youth Soccer Club. To enter your name in the April drawing for a $25 gift card, tell us which Dynamos trainer plays for the professional Houston Aces. Careful now--Rolie the Goalie is NOT correct! Email your answer to jwalker@dynamossoccer.com.. .Goalkeepers, coaches, and parents are urged to share photos and items of interest for use in Keeper! and KeeperTalk--Simply email to jwalker332@aol.com.
Goalkeeper Bianca Henninger
Houston Dash Ambassador to the Dynamos
Megan McAfee
Paying attention to technique
Ian Herrod
Ready to go, but making sure shoes are tied before entering goal
Goalkeepers who attended Keeper Club training sessions in March:
 3—Ansley Blake, Aly Crouch, Ethan Rimbey, Isobel Herrod, Mia Posey, Samantha Adrianson, David Graham, Ian Herrod, Michaelyn Wilkinson; Junior Keepers—Carl Hallgren, Megan McAfee, Claire Juenke, Elizabeth Corken, Austin Ackerman, Zac Cannon, Sam Dominguez.
 6—Ethan Urrutia, Sam Dominguez, Marissa Mills, Kodi Garcia.
10—Mia Posey, Samantha Adrianson, Aly Crouch, Ansley Blake, Ian Lancaster; Junior Keepers—Carl Hallgren, Andy Garcia
13—Marissa Mills, Ashlyn Brewer, Sam Dominguez, Samantha Adrianson
17—Isobel Herrod, Ian Herrod, Aly Crouch, Ansley Blake, Payton Salinas, David Graham, Ethan Urrutia, Samantha Adrianson; Junior Keepers—Megan McAfee, Cole Howard, Andy Garcia, Claire Juenke, Zac Cannon, Sam Dominguez, David Graham
20—No training, Spring Break
24—Mia Posey, Aly Crouch, Ansley Blake, Ian Lancaster, Payton Salinas, Aaron Austin, Isobel Herrod, Ian Herrod, Ethan Rimbey; Junior Keepers—Andy Garcia, Claire Juenke, Zac Cannon, Sam Dominguez, Cassidy Graham, Megan McAfee, Elizabeth Corken, Charles DeLancey, Maison Bell, Izzy Tulllier
27—DyessPark closed, no training
31—Ethan Rimbey, Ansley Blake, Aaron Austin, Ian Herrod, Isobel Herrod, Aly Crouch, Mia Posey, Ian Lancaster, Aaron Austin, Payton Salinas, Michaelyn Wilkinson, Morgan Zachos; Junior Keepers—Claire Juenke, Zac Cannon, Cassidy Graham, Megan McAfee, Elizabeth Corken, Charles DeLancey, Maison Bell, Cole Howard, Austin Ackerman, Amber Zlatich, Izzy Tullier, Georgia Williams, Samantha Nichols
“Every great mistake has a halfway moment, a split second when it can be recalled and perhaps remedied.”—Pearl Buck
Why isn’t 99.9 per cent effort good enough? To show why it isn’t INC. magazine once generated a study from examples of how things would be if they were done right 99.9 per cent of the time. We’d have to live with:
 One hour of unsafe drinking water every month
 Two unsafe plane landings per day at IntercontinentalAirport
 16,000 pieces of mail lost by the U. S. Post Office every hour
 22,000 checks deducted from the wrong bank account each hour
 500 incorrect surgical operations per week
How about composing a factor for your efforts? How many times were you late for practice? Talking when your coach was talking? Failing to respond to your team’s loss of possession? Arriving late for a save because you didn’t try hard enough? Refusing to come out strong for a high ball? Failing to apply proper technique on a ground ball?
Suddenly the quest for perfection—zero=defects—makes a lot of sense.
Make a plan for success. Be on time for training and games, with proper footwear, soccer ball, water, shin guards on, socks pulled up, shirt tucked in and shoes clean, shined, and tied. Carry a positive attitude. Make sure you are optimistic, and eager to help bring out the best in your teammates. Accept responsibility for your own performance and don’t blame others for theirs. Give your best every moment.

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