Written and edited by Jim Walker
January 2014
A publication of the Keeper! Club
Written and edited by Jim Walker
Training at DyessPark with Roland Sikinger and Jim Walker
The aim of the Keeper! Club is to provide a support system for goalkeepers, to challenge them to technical and tactical improvement, and to provide a training environment that will assist goalkeepers in reaching their highest potential. Boys and girls are taught the basics of catching, diving, cutting the angle, starting the attack, and gaining confidence at the position.
Membership fees
Senior keepers (boys and girls 10 years and older)--$50 for eight weeks; $75 for entire spring season, through May 23; $100 for non-Cy-Fair and/or Dynamos players
Junior keepers (beginners 10 years and younger,--$25 for the spring season, through May 23
Boys and girls may try a session or two at no cost to see if it is the kind of training they (and their parents) want. To join, send a check payable to “Keeper Club” to Dynamos’ Keeper Club,Attn: Loree, 10924 Grant Road #224, HoustonTX77070.
The Schedule
Mondays: Senior Keepers at 5:30pm; Junior Keepers at 6:45pm
Thursdays: Senior Keepers at 8pm
Training at DyessPark in January:  
 6-Senior keepers, 5:30pm; Junior keepers, 6:45pm
 9—Seniors, 8pm
13—Seniors 5:30pm; Juniors, 6:45pm
16—Seniors 8pm
20-Seniors, 5:30pm; Juniors 6:45pm
23—Seniors, 8pm
27—Seniors, 5:30pm; Juniors, 6:45pm
30—Seniors, 8pm
If you have questions, email jwalker332@aol.com or call 281-217-1612
In beautiful downtown Dyess Park, near the corner of This Way and That Way, two dozen ladies and gentlemen wearing gloves and distinctively-colored outerwear converged Dec. 19 for the 18th annual Keeper Club Christmas Party. After a training session on Field #3, they moved to Field #1 where Coach Walker made sure every keeper got down and dirty in a penalty-shooting marathon that proved members are better at stopping PKs than shooting them. Finally, it was time to retire to Café Far Horizon (north concessions building) where food (pizza) and drink (Powerade) awaited. Bryce’s Mom, Renee Hinze, was immediately nominated MVP (Most Valuable Pizzadeliverer) and eight 17-inch wheels of Locatelli’s cheese, sausage and pepperoni and crust were quickly devoured. Candy Jar Contest Chairgirl Kaylee Barrett created a new hurdle for contestants by delivering a jug containing hundreds of M&Ms, the precise total (she counted!) nearly two thousand. Normally, the winning number is in the low hundreds or even below. The change didn’t faze Ethan Brasher or Izzy Tullier, who incredibly guessed the closest—one higher than the actual number, the other lower, both amazingly close to the real total. In the first-ever candy guessing shootout, Izzy prevailed by edging even closer to the actual number and skipped off happily hugging the M&Ms. Awards (autographed Houston Dynamo soccer balls donated by Select Committee chairman Joe B. Napier) were presented to Steven Franke and Payton Salinas for most appearances during 2013 from a field of more candidates than ever before. The Krazy Keeper gift exchange went smoothly (relatively speaking) and Sergeant-at-Arms Steve Hinze had to use his school-assistant-principal bark only once to bring order from chaos during the evening. Thanks to Kacie Cardenas, on holiday leave from BaylorUniversity, for her attention to detail, as well as DeNiece Herrod and Leslie Tullier for their assistance during the evening’s activities and Kristen Weindel for aiding in preparation for the party. Special guests were Veronica and Katie Pierce, both of whom lent expertise on penalty-taking, and saving, to the Junior Keepers, and photographer Laly Esteves, who snapped photos all evening. Attending were Steven Franke, Payton Salinas, Ansley Blake, Izel Hernandez, Bryce Hinze, Ethan Urrutia, Ethan Brasher, Kacie Paine, Marissa Mills, Kaylee Barrett, Mia Posey, Chance Bullard, Raul Rosas, Sam Dominguez, Elizabeth Corken, Isobel Herrod, Ian Herrod, Claire Juenke, Megan McAfee, Izzy Tullier, Carl Hallgren, Georgia Williams, Grace Seloover, and Kate Silveira.
Starter Kit
A special presentation at the Christmas party featured longtime member Kacie Paine receiving the new and improved Keeper Club Starter Kit. Kacie, who has been a model regular steadily rising to the lofty position of senior member and a quiet mentor helping younger keepers along the way, has retired from club soccer and after her final season as starting keeper at Langham Creek HS, plans to attend Texas A&M in the fall, indicating she will focus on studies and maybe play soccer at at the club level. The Starter Kit is designed to symbolize Kacie’s excellence at her position and help her face challenges confronting her in a higher level of competition—college and beyond. We will miss you, Kacie Paine! The Starter Kit*:  
1. Gloves (two super large oven mitts, in Dynamos’ blue)
2. Super Glue (guaranteed to solve fumbling problems)
3. Spiderman Body Wash (for squeaky-clean catches)
4. Eight-digit calculator (for recording saves)
5. Big Mistake Eraser (comes in handy occasionally)
6. Hand Clapper (for creating your own applause and slapping yourself on the back when nobody else will)
7. Horn Megaphone (amazingly loud for directing deaf defenders)
*All items available at your neighborhood Dollar Store
Some of the Keeper Christmas partygoers had departed when they gathered for this group photo. First row (left to right): Kate Silveira, Gerogia Williams, Claire Juenke, Izzy Tullier, Megan McAfee, Ian Herrod, Carl Hallgren; Second row:  Elizabeth Corken, Sam Dominguez, Bryce Hinze, Ansley Blake, Payton Salinas, Marissa Mills, Kacie Paine, Ashlyn Brewer. Photo by Laly Esteves
Thanks to Keeper Club members who attended the Kick Cancer Camp Dec. 14-15 at Dyess Park. Each and every one of you helped raise funds for children’s cancer research and for this you are to be congratulated. Some were fortunate to participate in a special keeper clinic conducted by Houston Dynamo goalkeeper coach Tim Hanley and assisted by HoustonBaptistUniversity goalkeeper Patty Walrath, a former Keeper Club member. Those members attending the camp included Ethan Urrutia, Carl Hallgren, Brady Stonebraker, Aly Crouch, Megan McAfee, Claire Juenke, and Izzy Tullier.
Gilmar dos Santos Neves, the only goalkeeper ever to win two World Cups, died last fall at the age of 83. Gilmar played in the nets for Brazil when it won its first World Cup title in 1958 and when it successfully defended the title in 1962.  Gilmar traveled with the team to England for the 1966 tournament and started Brazil’s first two games before being replaced by Manga in the final first-round game, a 3-1 loss to Portugal which eliminated Brazil, the two-time defending champions. In all, he played 104 times for Brazil, allowed 95 goals and was in goal for only 16 losses.  
Keeper Club members are looking forward to the annual Dynamos Puma Cup on Feb. 8-9, to be played at Dyess, Zube, and Burrough parks. Great opportunity to see all the Dynamos keepers in one competition. . .Thanks to Keeper Club alumnus John Kowalczyk for his help during the fall season. John is now an attorney, so we know it will be difficult for him to continue assisting, but he should know he is welcome anytime!. . .Marissa Mills and Payton Salinas, both longtime regulars at Keeper Club training, were instrumental in the success of their U14 Dynamos team at the pre-Christmas Houston Dynamo Showcase. Marissa protected the nets and Payton scored a pair of goals as the Dynamos posted a victory and two ties, one of the ties coming against an U15 squad. Payton, who has become a valuable forward, also got in one half at keeper in the tournament. What a season for the U14 Dynamos of Coach Larry Bittner!. . .Aly Crouch missed this year’s Christmas party because she departed that day for a holiday trip to visit family in Pennsylvania. . .Jonathan Klinsmann, son of United States men’s national team coach, is a junior at Mater Dei High School in California and plays goalkeeper for the Irvine Strikers. . .Junior Keeper Claire Juenke is the winner of the drawing for this month’s $25 gift card to Soccer-4-All after replying “Striker” to the question “What is Keeper Club and Cy-Fair HS athletic star Braden Mann’s nickname, picked up during his early Keeper Club days.”. .To enter your name in the January drawing for a Soccer-4-All gift card, email the answer to this trivia question: “who is the only goalkeeper to win two World Cup championships” to jwalker332@aol.com. Answer elsewhere in this newsletter. . .Keeper Club will present another free BYOK (Bring Your Own Keeper) workshop at DyessPark in February. It’s an opportunity for coaches and parents to learn more about working with the goalkeeper. Stay tuned for the exact date and time. . .Goalkeepers, coaches, and parents are urged to share photos and items of interest for use in Keeper! and KeeperTalk--Simply email to jwalker332@aol.com.
Goalkeepers who attended Keeper Club training sessions in December:
 2—Aaron Austin, Ansley Blake, Chance Bullard, Alysson Crouch, Steven Franke, Izel Hernandez, Mia Posey, Raul Rosas, Payton Salinas. Junior Keepers: Elizabeth Corken, Carl Hallgren, Claire Juenke, Megan McAfee, Kate Silveira, Izzy Tullier. Assisting: Izel Hernandez, Payton Salinas
 5--Ethan Urrutia, Ethan Brasher, Bryce Hinze, Steven Franke, Payton Salinas, Steven Franke, Kodi Garcia, Kaylee Barrett, Marissa Mills.
 9--Ashlyn Brewer, Steven Franke, Aly Crouch, Izel Hernandez, Bryce Hinze, Claire Juenke, Megan McAfee, Andy Garcia, Carl Hallgren
14-15 (Kick Cancer Camp)—Claire Juenke, Bryce Hinze, Izel Hernandez, Carl Hallgren, Ethan Urrutia, Brady Stonebraker, Aly Crouch, Izzy Tullier, Megan McAfee
16—Chance Bullard, Steve Franke, Ashlyn Brewer, Ansley Blake, Mia Posey, Izel Hernandez, Aly Crouch, Payton Salinas, Raul Rosas. Junior Keepers: Claire Juenke, Carl Hallgren
19 (training and party)—Steven Franke, Payton Salinas, Ansley Blake, Izel Hernandez, Bryce Hinze, Ethan Urrutia, Ethan Brasher, Kacie Paine, Marissa Mills, Kaylee Barrett, Mia Posey, Chance Bullard, Raul Rosas, Sam Dominguez, Elizabeth Corken, Isobel Herrod, Ian Herrod, Claire Juenke, Megan McAfee, Izzy Tullier, Carl Hallgren, Georgia Williams, Grace Seloover, Kate Silveira. Special guests: Veronica Pierce and Katie Pierce
Here's another opportunity for goalkeeper readers of Keeper! to win a $25 gift certificate of your choice, just for replying to the following question: What do you do when a goal is scored against you? Your statement, in 25 words or less, should be emailed to JWalker332@aol.com before January 31. With your entry, you give permission for the statements to be published in upcoming issues of Keeper! and your name will be placed in a drawing for the gift card, which will be presented in February. Good luck!
 “The height of your accomplishments will equal the depth of your convictions.”--William F. Scolavino
 “I’m not afraid of storms, because I am learning to sail my shipLouisa Mae Alcott, definitely a keeper
Always catch the back side of the ball. Catch it away from your body so there is room for your hands to give for a soft catch to absorb the weight of the shot. If you can see your hands catching the ball, it’s likely you have the proper hand position and your arms are in the right place. The elbows should always be in front of your center of gravity.
GO to the ball. Go TO the ball. Go to THE ball. Go to the BALL. Don’t wait for it to come to you. If you wait, at least two things can happen, both of them unpleasant. First, whether the ball is on the ground or in the air, it gives your opponent an opportunity to beat you to it, and the longer the ball is on the ground, the greater the chance of a bad bounce.

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