November 2017

In November, three weekly goalkeeper training sessions at Dyess Park
NOTE: NO training session for Seniors on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 23.
Mondays: Juniors (8-10 yrs), 5:30-6:30pm with Roland Sikinger, Field #6
Tuesdays: Intermediates (11-14 yrs), 6:45pm-8pm with Eddie Bloise #4
Thursday: Seniors (15 yrs-and-older), 8-9:15pm-with Roland Sikinger #1
Select goalkeepers are urged to regularly attend their designated training!
The Keeper! Club provides regular training at Dyess Park for boys and girls interested in improving their skills for the position of goalkeeper. For those 10 years and younger, Junior Keepers provides a weekly training session to learn fundamentals and skills necessary to play the position.
See Keeper Club registration elsewhere on this website,
Junior Keepers (Beginners 10 yrs & younger): $50.00. For those 11 years and older, August-December): $100.00 for Dynamos and CFYSC members, $200.00 if not a member of the Dynamos or CFYSC.

Bring Your Own Keeper
Attendance at the Bring Your Own Keeper workshop Oct. 8 was small, but Brooklyn Wente, Dominik Walker and Mason Blais had the undivided attention of two fulltime Dynamos Select goalkeepers, Steven Franke of the U18 boys and Sam Nichols from the U14 girls. Both older keepers already had put in a full day, Steven arriving with a sore hip after playing earlier and Sam, who rushed to Dyess for the clinic after guesting for the U16 girls. Brooklyn, Dominik, and Mason each walked away armed with a load of fresh keeper skills and a new soccer ball. Watch for the date of the next BYOK. For coaches and parents, it’s a great way to learn how to help your aspiring goalkeeper become better at this all-important position.

2010--Dynamos alum Mari Edwards had a big hand in St. Mary’s University’s biggest upset of the season when the Rattlers (10-6-2) dealt St. Edward’s University its first defeat in 18 games this season with a 1-0 decision in San Antonio. Mari appeared as a defender in the first half, then became the goalkeeper early in the second half and made four key saves to protect the lead. Another Dynamos grad, Troi Jorgensen, started in goal for the Hilltoppers, who are ranked nationally.
2012--Jonathan Kauffman, eyeing the starting keeper's assignment at Central Baptist College in the fall, often runs the Summer Fitness Program warmup lap wearing a 20-pound vest, and while other attendees run the 70s, he's knocking down 240s. The lad is in shape, and doing a bangup job as an assistant. (Jonathan established a record for most 70’s completed—17—which stood until Alexander Nichols broke it with 20 this past summer).

Rolie the Goalie’s session on Thursday, October 12: Good group tonight—Casey, Payton, Bryant, Sophie, and Sammy--lots of fun. It was so hot I broke out the Christmas Tree drill, hoping it would cool things off. Christmas Tree is a three-tier game, with a trio of keepers in on the same ball with different distances to the ball. Working on the three different set positions, and dealing with players in front of the keeper and the ball. A game of keeper 500 when all keepers are inside the box, fly balls are 100 points, dropsy's are minus 100. 500 points wins. And something I haven't done in a long time is practice penalties. Keepers should never guess where the penalty is going. Always read and react. We worked on reading the shooters' head, hips, foot, and toe. What angle to the ball does the shooter take ? If the shooter is straight on it’s most likely to be driven down the center or cross corner. Where is the toe pointing? If it's down they will drive it with their laces, if it's out they will use the inside of the foot. We practiced all scenarios, right, left, inside, laces, outside of foot; on angles and straight on to the ball. I told them to imagine their saves out in front of them they need to cheat their first step up and out as the shooter takes his last step to the ball. Good Times!

***Former pro goalkeeper Roland Sikinger once invited a father and his son to dinner. At the table, there were the father, the son, and the goalie host.
*** Q: Why did Cinderella get kicked off the soccer team? A: Zizou believes because she ran away from the ball.
***Q: Why did the soccer ball quit the team? Alli thinks it was tired of being kicked around.
***What kind of car does a ghost drive? Andy says it is a Boo-ick!
***Q: What position do ghosts play in soccer? A: Ghoulie
***Knock, knock. Who's there? Lettuce. Lettuce who? Lettuce start this game.
***Knock, knock. Who's there? FIFA. FIFA who? FIFA FO FUM
***Knock, knock. Who's there? Grammar. Grammar who? Grammar and grampa are big soccer fans.
***Knock, knock. Who's there? Year! Year who? Year offside!

Daylight Saving Time ends Nov. 5, so move back clocks one hour. . .The annual Keeper Club Christmas Party is tentatively scheduled for Thurs., Dec. 14. . .Congratulations to Roli the Goalie and wife Niki, who celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary on October 31. Reminds Roli: I never forget my anniversary, it’s on Halloween!”. . .Samantha Nichols and Amber Zlatich each played one half in goal for the U17 Dynamos in a 6-2 victory over Houston Dash Beaumont Oct. 14. Trainer Oli praised the two regular keepers for the U14 Gold, saying: “Both were outstanding, both gave up a goal, but no keeper would have gotten them.”. . .The very next day, also at Zube, Steven Franke scored the equalizer for the under-17 boys in a 2-1 victory over Albion Elite with a 40-yard free kick in the 89th minute. His trainer, Wilkie, says Steven's role is now labeled "goalkeeper/free kick specialist.". . .Young keepers should cast their eyes on homegrown netminder Tyler Deric, who has blossomed before our very eyes with the Houston Dynamo. The young man from Klein High School proved his worth in back-to-back-back matches with Sporting Kansas City in October, the second of which clinched a playoff berth for the Dynamo, the third securing a 1-0 triumph to reach the Western Conference semifinal. His nine-save performance in the second game exposed a new-found maturity in decision-making, although his shutout wasn't safe until the final whistle as a final save was denial from point-blank range in the seventh minute of second-half stoppage time. . .Sophomore goalkeeper Nicole Curry collected her 10th shutout in last week's 1-0 triumph over Baylor to set a new University of Texas single season record for clean sheets. . .Sam Nichols was the only keeper to respond to last month’s drawing question (answer: “that would be the famous Brandon Renken”) who worked in the Texas Criminal Justice Department during summer vacation prior to his junior year at Harvard), so she gets the prize. This month’s request: complete this quote: “The expert at anything was once a ____.” Answer is elsewhere in this newsletter. To enter a drawing for a $25 gift certificate, email your answer to:

Goalkeepers who attended Keeper Club training during October 2017:
2—Jillian Soliah, Caleb Shiery, Kiren DeSai, Anderson Fisher
3—Sloppy Joe Fields
5—Casey Jones, Payton Salinas, Kate Nguyen, Sophie Pettus, Claire Juenke, Bryant Brooks
8—BYOK: Mason Blais, Dominik Walker, Brooklyn Wente:assistants:Steven Franke, Samantha Nichols
9—Jillian Soliah, Caleb Shiery
10--Zac Cannon, Andy Garcia, Elmer Rosas, Samantha Nichols, Alli Thompson, Montse Mendez, Veronica Findori
12—Casey Jones, Payton Salinas, Bryant Brooks, Sophie Pettus, Samantha Nichols. .
16—Jillian Soliah, Kiran DeSai, Micah Caprio. Caleb Shiery
17—Andy Garcia, Elmer Rosas, Mason Blais, Samantha Nichols, Amber Zlatich, Veronica Finidori, Zac Cannon.
19—Payton Salinas, Kate Nguyen, Sophie Pettus, Claire Juenke, Bryant Brooks, Samantha Nichols
22—Jillian Soliah, Kiran DeSai, Caleb Shiery,Elise Bienvenu
24--Andy Garcia, Zac Cannon, Elmer Rosas, Samantha Nichols, Alli Thompson, Montse Mendez, Derek Staiger, Veronica Finidori
26—Kate Nguyen, Payton Salinas, Samantha Nichols, Casey Jones
30—Jillian Soliah, Kiran DeSai, Caleb Shiery
31—Frank Enstein, Jack O’Lantern, Trixie Treat, Herman Munster

"The expert at anything was once a beginner."—Helen Hayes

“Composure is key after being scored on, and then reflecting on how it happened and what you can do next time to save it.”—Former Dynamos goalkeeper Jonathan Kauffman

It’s no secret, except to those goalkeepers who lamely insist, “I don’t do it right at practice, but I always do it right in games.” Goalkeeper guru Lawrence Fine calls it “Proper Practice Prevents Poor Performance.” Condition yourself to do the right thing in training and often you’ll surprise yourself in a game by doing it even better. Realize that you are developing habits all the time: why not make them good habits?