Written and edited by Jim Walker
April 2015
A publication of the Keeper! Club 
Written and edited by Jim Walker
Greetings from the Easter Bug
Junior Keepers (10 years and younger)--Mondays, 5:30-6:30pm 
Intermediates (11-13 years old)--Mondays, 6:30-7:45pm
Seniors (14 years and older)--Thursdays, 8pm
The Schedule
Training at Dyess Park in April
 2—Seniors (high school keepers), 8pm
 6—Junior Keepers, 5:30pm; Intermediates 6:30pm
 9—High school keepers, 8pm
13-Junior keepers, 5:30pm; Intermediates, 6:30pm
16—Seniors, 8pm
20—Junior keepers, 5:30pm; Intermediate keepers, 6:30pm
23—Seniors, 8pm
27—Junior keepers, 5:30pm; Intermediate keepers, 6:30pm
30—Seniors, 8pm
If you have questions, email jwalker@dynamossoccer.comor call 281-217-1612
Tryouts at Dyess Park for Dynamos Select Club teams are coming up: May for under-11 through under-13 teams and June for under-14 through under-18 teams.The tryouts are fun and free. Check the Dynamos website (www.dynamossoccer.com) for details.
Keeper Club members were asked: What do you do when a goal is scored against you? Those who responded entered a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Soccer-4-All. Here’s what we heard:
“If I'm angry, I pick up an object and hold it tight. After kick-off, i throw it as far as I can.”—Samantha Nichols
“I turn away from the crowd, swiftly grab the ball as I chuckle to myself because I didn’t block it. Then I briefly think about what movements I should have made instead of what I actually did.”—Isobel Herrod
“Nothing! I do not pick the ball out of my net. That way I don't know if I was scored on. If it was my own fault, I take a snapshot of what happened, and analyze it later, after the game. Do not beat yourself up over a mistake. Mistakes happen. Live, learn, and move on.  If it was my teammate’s fault, I give them positive reinforcement. Don't tear them down, you need their confidence high, so they may save you later.”Roli the Goalie, bidding for that gift card
Replies in 2004 from Keeper Club members. . .
“I shake it off—like my dog, Willie, when he is wet.”—Caitlin Farmer, now a student at Texas A&M
“I feel bad, but it makes me and my teammates more determined to work harder.”--Hannah Legler, who went on to play keeper for the NavalAcademy before becoming an officer
“That’s a tough question for 25 words, although at a younger age I might have had several options: 1) cry; 2), yell; 3) hit things; 4) hit things, cry, and yell.”—Brandon Renken, who played at Harvard, now an attorney, who still returns each year as an instructor at the Summer Keeper Camp.
“As a goalkeeper, I can allow a goal without letting it kill my confidence. I have to be able to or else I’d never play at my highest level. . .other players don’t necessarily have that strength, so part of our job is to take what we can off them while still reminding them they can always be better.”—Second entry from the competitive Brandon Renken in an effort to win the drawing.
***“I don’t have a fear of flying. I have a fear of crashing.”—Junior Keeper during diving practice.
***Coach Jim was pushing an Intermediate keeper to be more assertive and she was getting quieter and a little red-faced. “Are you mad?” he asked. She hung her head and said, “No, but a little frustrated.” Stifling a laugh, the trainer said, “Well, I don’t want you frustrated, I want you mad!” The keeper grinned and said: “I think I know what you mean now!”
Sometimes keepers forget to scout out the penalty area for divots or stones that might cause a problem. The keeper for Vasco da Gama should have known better because the rain was cascading down in Rio de Janeiro and the penalty area was sloppy at best. But in last Sunday's game against Flamenco, the keeper appeared ready to punt, then decided to distribute to a nearby defender, 20 yards away to his left. What looked like a perfect roll stopped dead 10 yards away and Vasco da Gama's Alecsandro dipped between the keeper and ball and drilled it into the net for his second goal and a 2-1 victory.
Welcome to new Keeper Club members Jordan Perek, Caitlyn Russell, and Emma Bell. . .We have an author in our midst! Hot off the presses is “9/11 Reborn,” a dark mystery by fourteen-year-old Dynamos goalkeeper Isobel Herrod; her first published novel, but most certainly not her last. . .Roland Sikingerand many of his former Houston Hurricane teammates from 1978 gathered in Fayetteville during Spring Break for the annual Ray Nolan Golf Memorial Tournament. Roland and Ray were teammates with the Houston Hurricane of the North American Soccer League in 1978. Ray passed away eight years ago. . .Roli the Goalie, by the way, mentioned that a “couple of wet ones” were Steven Franke and Ethan Urrutia, both of whom got down and dirty in the Dyess Park mud on March 19. . .Former Keeper Club member Izzy Tullier reports from New England that she is playing indoor soccer because there’s more than a foot of snow on the ground!. . . Cy-Fair under-9 girls coach Curtis Burrell had words of praise for player Emma Bell, and the Keeper Club, After Emma’s first visit to keeper training, she asked to play the second half of the next game and though upset that her team was trailing, 4-2, she came up with what her coach called the “save of the game,” a superb diving hold of the ball in a crowd of players. She told her coach she had learned “getting to the ground” at keeper training. . ,Former Keeper Club member Aly Crouch finished fourth in a recent triathlon (swimming, running, biking) event at Katy High School. . .Nicolas Lloyd and Bryce Hall, who play for the Under-16 Dynamos, served up crosses for the Intermediate keepers at training March 23. . .Samantha Nichols is winner of a $25 gift card to Soccer-4-All for her entry in the monthly contest (“When Scored Upon”--) see above. This month’s question: When are tryouts for Dynamos Select teams? Email your answer (elsewhere in this newsletter) to jwalker@dynamossoccer.com and your name will be placed in the drawing at the end of April. Good luck!
Goalkeepers who attended training in March:
 2—Junior Keepers: Zac Cannon, Anton Lindstrom-Garza, Andrew Nelson, Anthony Posada, Alli Thompson, Caitlyn Russell, Daniel Bridges, Andy Garcia; Intermediates: David Graham, Claire Juenke, and Krysten Rhodes.
 5—Luz Lopez, Sam Dominguez, Ethan Urrutia, Steven Franke
 9—13—Spring Break
16—Junior Keepers: Andrew Nelson, Daniel Bridges, Caitlyn Russell, Alli Thompson, Zac Cannon, Anton Lindstrom-Garza, Anthony Posada, Jorden Perek, Johan Alvarez, Cole Nelson; Intermediates: Krysten Rhodes, Autumn Driskell, David Graham, Claire Juenke, Steven Franke, Isobal Herrod, Ian Herrod, Matt Shaw, Jordan Perek, Samantha Nichols. 
19—Steven Franke, Ethan Urrutia
23—Junior Keepers: Zac Cannon, Johan Alvarez, Andrew Nelson, Daniel Bridges, Caitlyn Russell, Emma Bell, Andy Garcia, Anthony Posada—assisting, Krysten Rhodes; Intermediates: Samantha Nichols, Krysten Rhodes, Autumn Driskell, Claire Juenke, Ethan Urrutia, Steven Franke, Luz Lopez—assisting, Nicolas Lloyd, Bryce Hall
26—Sam Dominguez, Ethan Urrutia, Steven Franke
30—Junior Keepers: Andy Garcia, Johan Alvarez, Andrew Nelson, Daniel Bridges, Emma Bell, Alli Thompson, Zac Cannon, Anton Lindstrom-Garza; Intermediates: Emma Bell. Jordan Perek, Krysten Rhodes, Isobel Herrod, David Graham, Claire Juenke, Ian Herrod, Matthew Shaw, Steven Franke.
“Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.”—James Thurber
Punching the ball is a last resort. Don’t fall into the habit of substituting punching for catching.
Knees and elbows aren’t areas of the body needing protection if a goalkeeper is diving with proper technique. If you are landing on your knees, or elbows, consult your trainer for the correct methods of getting to the ground. Knees will suffer when collapse diving and extended diving are executed incorrectly. Correct your technique if you are landing on your elbows.

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