June 2019
For Keeper Club members, and indeed all goalkeepers, news and notes about this viable part of the Dynamos Select Club. For more than 25 years, the Dynamos have provided regular training and support for goalkeepers. Here are training schedules and helpful information for and about the club’s ever-active corps of boys and girls who serve in this important role. Contributions of news and photos by coaches, players and/or parents are welcome and may be emailed to jwalker332@aol.com for use in KeeperTalk.

Keeper 6 1 19 Willis
Houston Dynamo goalkeeper Joe Willis, in action vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

There is NO regular weekly goalkeeper training during June
***Summer Fitness and Technical Program for goalkeepers 14 and older, starting June 11, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6-7:15pm, Dyess Park
***Annual Goalkeeper Camp (three days) August 14-16, 5-8pm, Dyess Park

The second round of tryouts includes Under-14 and older candidates for Dynamos Select teams and takes place at Dyess Park June 3-6. Goalkeepers, be sure to designate your position on signing in for the first day of tryouts. Each player is required to attend both days of the tryouts. If a player does not attend, without proper notification or excusable absence, his/her name will be taken off the rosters.
What to wear: Cleats, shin guards, blue shirt, black shorts, and blue socks are recommended, but not mandatory (returning players must wear their Dynamos training kit). New players will receive a Tryouts shirt.
What to bring: Water, ball, bug spray, positive attitude. (no paperwork required for tryouts). Here’s the schedule:
U14 boys and girls—Mon., June 3, 5:30-7pm; Wed., June 5, 5:30-7pm
U15 boys and girls—Mon., June 3, 7-8:30pm; Wed., June 5, 7-8:30pm
U16 boys and girls—Tues., June 4, 5:30-7pm; Thurs., June 6, 5:30-7pm
U17 boys and girls—Tues., June 4, 7-8:30pm; Thurs., June 6, 7-8:30pm
U18/U19 boys and girls—Tues., June 4, 7-8:30pm; Thurs., June 6 7-8:30pm
For more information, contact dynamo14@dynamossoccer.com. Players selected for Dynamos teams will be expected to attend Dynamos Select camp Aug. 5-9 for pre-season training.

WhoGoalkeepers and field players 14 years and older (limited number of underage keepers and field players accepted)
WhereDyess Park
WhenBegins June 11, ends early August
For keepers and field players, here’s an opportunity to prepare for your club team’s season, or that high school or college team you’re trying out for. It’s a fitness program that will allow you to grow from whatever fitness level you have to what you will need to satisfy expectations in your efforts to contribute to your next team. Trainers also work with players recovering from injury. It’s a technical program, too, with attention to skill work for keepers and attackers, loads of work in the goal and tons of crossing, passing, and shooting. The program will be co-directed this year by Mark Hunter and Jim Walker, with assistance from former Dynamos and current collegiate players Jade Dewbre (Angelina College and Louisiana Tech), Michelle MacIntyre (University of Dallas) and Cameron Townes (Texas Lutheran University). There will be appearances by other experienced keepers and coaches. Sessions begin Tuesday, June 11 at 6pm and continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm, for ten weeks Cost is $175 for Cy-Fair Youth Soccer Club and Dynamos Select Club members (with a $50 discount for paid-up Keeper Club members), and $200 for non-CFYSC and Dynamos players. To register, make check payable to Dynamos Keeper Club and mail to: Keeper Club Summer Fitness, 10924 Grant Rd #224, Houston TX 77070. For more information email JWalker332@aol.com or call 832-420-7182.
YES! I want to join the group at Summer Fitness and Technical training this summer. I am 14 years old or above and want to maintain fitness in order to try out for a high school, college or club team this fall. Enclosed is $175 ($125 for Cy-Fair Youth Soccer Club or Dynamos members, $200 for non-members).
Name_________________________Age___ Birthdate__________________
Payable to: Keeper! Club. . .mail to: Keeper! Summer Program, Attn Loree, 10924 Grant Road #224, Houston TX 77070.
I, the undersigned, release the Dynamos Soccer Club, its directors and staff, from all liability for any injuries or damages while attending the Summer Fitness and Technical Program. In case of emergency, I authorize the Dynamos Soccer Club to transport my child to the physician listed or to a local emergency room.
Emergency contact____________________________________Phone____________
Parent/Guardian signature______________________________Date_____________
Office Use Only: Rec’d by________Date__________Check No._______Cash______

Keeper! Club
(Reprinted from a previous issue)
0--Traditionally seen on a goalkeeper jersey
1—Also sometimes worn by keepers
2--Goalkeepers in a game
10--Number of weeks in the Keeper Club training packages
12--Real dozen
13--Baker’s dozen (old-time bakers added a donut or roll to avoid miscalculating the weight, which is the way they were sold).
15--Keeper’s Dozen (keepers are special--they get five ground balls, five flighted balls, five shots on goal in training activity)
16—Age when keepers drive into DyessPark at the wheel of the family vehicle
18—High achiever’s version of Keeper’s Dozen (“one more. . .one more. . .one more”)
19--Proposed date in December for the 2019 Keeper Christmas party
25--Years Keeper Club has been a gathering place for boys and girls seeking goalkeeper training.
30--Times “getting on the ground” in Keeper Club standard warmup
39--Coach Roli’s age (at least that’s what he claims)
50--Number of catches in “hitting the eyes” warmup activity
70--Number of sprinting yards, multiplied by five or more, in dreaded fitness activity
90--It’s the 90th minute. . .do you know where your goal is?
92--Coach Jim’s age (at least that’s what he says—he’s getting closer, for sure)
100--Per cent effort given by Keeper Club members
110--Per cent effort given by Keeper Club members who have failed math

2004—Samer Fadda put his Keeper Club training to work while attending the Longhorn Soccer Camp. By the second day, coaches already were identifying him as the best keeper in camp and he affirmed their appraisal by capturing first place in the Goalie Wars competition.
2010--Former Dynamos’ player and Keeper Club alumnus Heather Koudelka became Dr. Heather Koudelka last weekend, earning her doctorate in physical therapy. Heather still serves as an instructor for annual goalkeeper camps at Dyess Park. (Editor’s note: Heather, a much-decorated goalkeeper at St. Edward’s University who also played for the Challengers in the Houston Women’s Soccer Association, is now at Houston’s Children’s Hospital).
2012—Keeper Club’s Kenzie Peterson posted on Facebook: “If ‘plan A’ doesn’t work, you’ve got 24 more letters (:”
2017--Barely before finishing her freshman year a few weeks ago, longtime Keeper Club member and Dynamos player Isobel Herrod was elected as a tri-captain for next year’s Klein Oak varsity team. Isobel saw time with both the Panthers’ junior varsity and varsity teams as a freshman and obviously impressed coaches and fellow players alike with her leadership skills.

Summer Goalkeeper Camp at Dyess Park is scheduled for Aug. 14-16, that’s Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 5pm until 8pm each evening. Registration is available elsewhere on this website. If you’re a goalkeeper or aspire to be one, it’s fun and the place you should be. . .Longtime Dynamos player and Keeper Club member Maddie Saucedo committed in late May to play at Schreiner University. She announced her decision on Signing Day at Cy-Woods High School. . . Longtime Dynamos player and Keeper Club member Krysten Rhodes, who graduated Summa Cum Laude from Cy-Ranch HS, will attend Texas A&M University in the fall, majoring in Honors Biology. . .Samantha Nichols isn’t complaining about playing time in the Albion Memorial Tournament, when she was called upon to play in goal for both the U15 Silver and Bronze teams. She appeared for Bronze in the second and third games, plus the final. After the Bronze team's noontime game Saturday, she remained to watch Silver play on the same field, arranging for a ride home with one of her teammates. Ten minutes in, the Silver keeper was injured and Sam played the rest of the game. Then, on Sunday, she played at 8am for Silver, and both the 9:30 match and 1:20pm final for Bronze. Afterward, trainer Oli thanked her profusely for being such a huge help, and Sam kept thanking him in return for all the game opportunities. . .If you have items or photos for KeeperTalk, please email tojwalker332@aol.com.

Keeper 6 1 19 Maddie 
Longtime Dynamos player Maddie Saucedo on Signing Day at Cy-Woods High School when the goalkeeper committed to play at Schreiner University in Kerrville in the Fall.

January 2019
7—Andrew Lobo, Zac Cannon, Victoria Finidori, Mason Blais, Caleb Shiery, with Roland
14--Ellis Gill, Zac Cannon, Andy Garcia, Sydney Davis, Mason Blais, Andrew Lobo, Oliver Wilson. With Roland and Edgar
21—Montse Mendez (two sessions), Oliver Wilson, Sydney Davis, Victoria Finidori, Samantha Nichols, Zac Cannon, Mason Blais. With Roland and Edgar.
27—BYOK Workshop: Jenna Penrod, Allison Reynolds, Joseph Martinez, Caity Carter, Sydney Davis, Caleb Shiery. With Coach Jim. Assisting: Samantha Nichols
28—Oliver Wilson, Sydney Davis, Ellis Gill, Zac Cannon, Caleb Shiery, Joseph Martinez, Elise Bienvenu, Montse Mendez. With Roland and Edgar
February 2019
4—Sarah Guerrero, Sydney Davis, Ellis Gill, Tate Bechtel, Elise Bievenu, Mason Blais, Andrew Lobo, Zac Cannon, Victoria Finidori, Caleb Shiery, Joseph Martinez, Nathan Morgan
11-No training, recovery from Puma Cup
18—Sarah Guerrero, Sydney Davis, Tate Bechtel, Hudson Hrobar, Zac Cannon, Joseph Martinez, Nathan Morgan, Elise Bienvenu, Jillian Soliah, Emory Gutierrez, Andy Garcia, Caleb Shiery, Victoria Finidori, Mason Blais
25—Joseph Martinez, Caleb Shiery, Zac Cannon, Mason Blais, Nathan Morgan, Victoria Finidori, Emily Hughes, Andrew Lobo, Oliver Wilson
March 2019
4—Sarah Guerrero, Oliver Wilson, Hudson Hrobar, Sydney Davis, Emily Hughes, Victoria Finidori, Caleb Shiery, Nathan Morgan, Joseph Martinez, Zac Cannon, Mason Blais
11-Spring Break, no training
18—Sarah Guerrero. Oliver Wilson, Hudson Hrobar, Sydney Davis, Tate Bechtel. Elise Bienvenu, Samantha Nichols, Jillian Soliah, Andy Garcia, Andrew Lobo, Mason Blais, Emily Hughes, Zizou Finidori, Caleb Shiery, Nathan Morgan
25—Samantha Nichols, Amber Zlatich, Emery Gutierrez, Zizou Finidori, Jillian Soliah, Elise Bienvenu, Emily Hughes, Nathan Morgan, Mason Blais, Joseph Martinez, Zac Cannon, Caleb Shiery, Andrew Lobo, Sarah Guerrero, Oliver Wilson, Hudson Hrobar, Sydney Davis, Tate Bechtel
April 2019
1—Ellis Gill, Sydney Davis, Tate Bechtel, Oliver Wilson, Mason Blais, Elise Bienvenu, Samantha Nichols, Emery Gutierrez, Victoria Finidori, Emily Hughes, Jillian Soliah, Andrew Lobo, Zac Cannon, Joseph Martinez, Caleb Shiery, Sarah Guerrero
8—Isobel Herrod, Mason Blais, Maddie Saucedo, Samantha Nichols, Andrew Lobo, Andy Garcia, Joseph Martinez, Bryan Brooks, Tate Bechtel, Caleb Shiery, Ellis Gill, Zac Cannon, Andy Garcia, Emery Gutierrez, Victoria Finidori, Emily Hughes.
15—Hudson Hrobar, Sydney Davis, Sarah Guerrero
16—Isobel Herrod, Mason Blais, Maddie Saucedo, Ethan Rimbey, Andrew Lobo, Andy Garcia, Joseph Martinez, Bryant Brooks, Kate Nguyen, Victoria Finidori, Emily Hughes, Tate Bechtel, Will Polleschultz, Oliver Wilson, Caleb Shiery, Zac Cannon, Noah Bar
22—Sarah Guerrero, Sydney Davis
23--Austin Overaitis, Mason Blais, Amber Zlatich, Ethan Rimbey, Andrew Lobo, Andy Garcia, Bryant Brooks, Kate Nguyen.
30—Caleb Shiery, Ellis Gill, Austin Overaitis, Mason Blais, Ethan Rimbey, Andy Lobo,
Ethan Rimby, Elise Bienvenu, Jillian Soliah, Bryant Brooks, Casey Jones, Montse Mendez, Emory Gutierrez, Emily Hughes, Isobel Herrod, Victoria Finidori, Zac Cannon
May 2019
6--Noah Body, but Sarah Guerrero and Sydney Davis checked in prior to attending their final team training session before tryouts.
7—Lotta Raines, Frankie Flood

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”--Walt Disney

“Every great mistake has a halfway moment, a split second when it can be recalled and perhaps remedied.”—Pearl Buck

Store your gloves in a glove wallet or small bag to protect them from dust and sunlight. Wash gloves regularly, while wearing them, in luke-warm water with a mild detergent. Don’t wash in a washing machine or dry in a dryer. Turn them inside out and wash them again. Rinse and air dry in a shaded area. Exposing them to direct sunlight, heat sources, or lighting causes them to be brittle and lessens the life expectancy.

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