April 2019

For Keeper Club members and all goalkeepers, news and notes about this viable part of the Dynamos Select Club. For more than 25 years, the Dynamos have provided regular training and support for goalkeepers. Here are training schedules and helpful information for and about the club’s ever-active corps of boys and girls who serve in this important role. Contributions of news and photos by coaches, players and/or parents are welcome and may be emailed to jwalker332@aol.com for use in KeeperTalk.

Please give your attention to a change in the goalkeeper training schedule at Dyess Park for the remainder of the Spring season, through May 7. Junior keepers will continue to train on Mondays (5:15pm), but Intermediate and Senior keepers will switch to Tuesdays (6:45-8pm) as follows:
Roland Sikinger and Edgar Diaz will train Junior goalkeepers (10-and-under) on Field 6 on Mondays, 5:15-6:30pm; Edgar on Tuesdays, 6:45-8pm, will train Intermediate (11-14) and Senior (15-and-older) goalkeepers, meeting on Field 6, sometimes moving to Field 1. This schedule will be followed through May 7 (tryouts begin May 13):
Mon., April 8—Juniors (10-and-under) with Roland and Edgar 5:15-6:30pm
Tues., April 9--Intermediates (11-14) and Seniors (15-and-older) with Edgar, 6:45-8pm.
Mon., April 15--Juniors (10-and-under) with Roland and Edgar, 5:15-6:30pm
Tues., April 16--Intermediates (11-14) and Seniors (15-and-older) with Edgar, 6:45-8pm,
Mon., April 22—Juniors (10-and-under) with Roland and Edgar, 5:15-6:30pm
Tues., April 23--Intermediates (11-14) and Seniors (15-and-older) with Edgar, 6:45-8pm
Mon., April 29--Juniors (10-and-under) with Roland and Edgar, 5:15-6:30pm
Tues., April 30--Intermediates (11-14) and Seniors (15-and-older) with Edgar, 6:45-8pm
Mon., May 6--Juniors (10-and-under) with Roland and Edgar, 5:15-6:30pm
Tues., May 7--Intermediates (11-14) and Seniors (15-and-older) with Edgar, 6:45-8pm
Membership fees for Cy-Fair Youth Soccer Club and Dynamos players:
Junior Keepers (beginners 10 years and younger)--$25 thru mid-May
Intermediates (11 years through 14 years)--$50 thru mid-May;
Seniors (high school 15 years and older)--$50 thru mid-May
Boys and girls not CFYSC or Dynamos members, please add $25 to the above fees.
To join, send a check payable “Keeper Club” to: Dynamos’ Keeper Club, Attn: Loree, 10924 Grant Road #224, HoustonTX 77070. Include keeper’s name, age, and email address.
If you have questions, email jwalker@dynamossoccer.com or call 281-217-1612

Keeper 4 1 19 Herrod
The Dynamos' Isobel Herrod, in her role as goalkeeper for Klein Oak HS, had the opportunity to work out with Houston Dash keeper Jane Campbell during March. "The training was great," reported Isobel, "I was able to hear about tricks and techniques from someone who has stood on the national team field taking shots from more experienced players. To see her insight was really fun!"

It’s not too late to participate or volunteer for the Marty Espinoza Memorial Golf Tournament, scheduled Fri., April 12, at Longwood Golf Club (13300 Longwood Trace in Cypress). It’s an important fund-raising event for the Dynamos and Dynamos teams, and a great opportunity to honor Marty, the popular Technical Director and Head Trainer who passed away in 2010 after a long battle with cancer. Marty’s name remains in the forefront of everything Dynamos, from his name on the jerseys to the pre-game shout by each team. On April 12, a day devoted to honoring Marty, golf begins at noon, and continues into evening with a silent auction and awards dinner, a wonderful opportunity for Dynamos families to mingle, have fun, and help the cause. To join as a volunteer for all or part of the day’s activities, contact Volunteer Coordinator Tanya Goytia at tgoytia@dynamossoccer.com. To play in the tournament or add a sponsorship, contact Tournament Director Andrew Bridges at abridges@dynamossoccer.com.

Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon is regarded as one of world’s great goalkeepers and his innovative personality came through following a record-breaking performance in the 2016 Turin derby. He made history in his team's 4-1 thumping of Torino, breaking the Serie A record for consecutive minutes (973) without conceding a goal. To mark the occasion, Buffon, then 38 years old, took to social media, penning a heartfelt letter to none other than the goal he’d set out to defend throughout the streak. His letter to his goal:
"I was 12 when I turned my back on you, denying my past to guarantee you a safe future. . .I went with my heart, I went with my instinct. But the day I stopped looking you in the face is also the day that I started to love you. To protect you; to be your first and last line of defense. I promised myself that I would do everything not to see your face again. Or that I would do it as little as possible. It was painful every time I did, turning round and realizing I had disappointed you. Again. And again. We have always been opposites yet we are complementary, like the sun and the moon. Forced to live side by side without being able to touch. Teammates for life, a life in which we are denied all contact. More than 25 years ago I made my vow: I swore to protect you. Look after you. A shield against all your enemies. I’ve always thought about your welfare, putting it first even ahead of my own. I was 12 when I turned my back on my goal. And I will keep doing it as long as my legs, my head and my heart will allow.”--Gianluigi Buffon, former Juventus captain, regarded as one of the world’s great goalkeepers.

Easter is April 21, and, yes, there will be goalkeeper training on Easter Monday, April 22. . .Roland Sikinger, aka Roli the Goalie, celebrated his birthday March 20, the big 60! We salute the former U. S. Olympic selection and professional netminder--“still a young ‘un, and still going strong!”. . .U18 Dynamos and Klein Oak HS goalkeeper Isobel Herrod enjoyed a special opportunity to train with Houston Dash keeper Jane Campbell during March and the pro keeper put our Under-18 keeper through a brisk workout. . .Shortly after learning she was selected again for the South Texas ODP team, U15 Dynamos keeper Samantha Nichols not only collected another half of shutout keeper work for the unbeaten Cy-Woods HS district championship jayvee team, but in the second half played forward and scored a goal! Asked to describe her reaction, the normally-outwardly calm Sam admitted: "I was shocked because I got a breakaway and slotted it bottom left. I threw up my hands and was :)))))))), then team hugs and high fives before the next kickoff." She commented also that “overall, my season in goal was boring because my defense was always performing excellently,” but acknowledged that in matches against Bridgelands and Cy-Ranch she had to come up with “game-winning saves.”. . .After suffering a slight concussion at Monday night Keeper training, Victoria (Zizou) Finidori was disappointed she had to miss the special clinic at Dyess Park with Coach G Guerrieri from Texas A&M, and also missed a special edition of Street Soccer the following weekend. She has returned to action and enjoyed a fun day at the Kick Cancer Camp. . .If you have items or photos for KeeperTalk, please email to jwalker332@aol.com.

Keeper 4 1 19 Zac Cannon
Man in black, Dynamos keeper Zac Cannon sends a boomer downfield to start the attack.

. . .someone else is. Two small village soccer teams engaged in a match. The visitors were surprised to see the home team's goalkeeper was a horse. The horse played extremely well and was instrumental in a home team victory. After the game, the visiting captain asked the home captain: "How on earth did a horse learn to keep goal like that?" "How does anybody learn?" replied the home captain, "practice, practice, practice."

Teenaged goalkeeper: Coach, should I file my nails?
Roli the Goalie: No! Throw them away like everybody else.
Another teenaged keeper: Coach, which day is stronger, Sunday or Monday?
Coach Jim: I dunno, which?
Keeper: Sunday, because Monday is a weekday

January 2019
7—Andrew Lobo, Zac Cannon, Victoria Finidori, Mason Blais, Caleb Shiery, with Roland
14--Ellis Gill, Zac Cannon, Andy Garcia, Sydney Davis, Mason Blais, Andrew Lobo, Oliver Wilson. With Roland and Edgar
21—Montse Mendez (two sessions), Oliver Wilson, Sydney Davis, Victoria Finidori, Samantha Nichols, Zac Cannon, Mason Blais. With Roland and Edgar.
27—BYOK Workshop: Jenna Penrod, Allison Reynolds, Joseph Martinez, Caity Carter, Sydney Davis, Caleb Shiery. With Coach Jim. Assisting: Samantha Nichols
28—Oliver Wilson, Sydney Davis, Ellis Gill, Zac Cannon, Caleb Shiery, Joseph Martinez, Elise Bienvenu, Montse Mendez. With Roland and Edgar
February 2019
4—Sarah Guerrero, Sydney Davis, Ellis Gill, Tate Bechtel, Elise Bievenu, Mason Blais, Andrew Lobo, Zac Cannon, Victoria Finidori, Caleb Shiery, Joseph Martinez, Nathan Morgan
11-No training, recovery from Puma Cup
18—Sarah Guerrero, Sydney Davis, Tate Bechtel, Hudson Hrobar, Zac Cannon, Joseph Martinez, Nathan Morgan, Elise Bienvenu, Jillian Soliah, Emory Gutierrez, Andy Garcia, Caleb Shiery, Victoria Finidori, Mason Blais
25—Joseph Martinez, Caleb Shiery, Zac Cannon, Mason Blais, Nathan Morgan, Victoria Finidori, Emily Hughes, Andrew Lobo, Oliver Wilson
March 2019
4—Sarah Guerrero, Oliver Wilson, Hudson Hrobar, Sydney Davis, Emily Hughes, Victoria Finidori, Caleb Shiery, Nathan Morgan, Joseph Martinez, Zac Cannon, Mason Blais
11-Spring Break, no training
18—Sarah Guerrero. Oliver Wilson, Hudson Hrobar, Sydney Davis, Tate Bechtel. Elise Bienvenu, Samantha Nichols, Jillian Soliah, Andy Garcia, Andrew Lobo, Mason Blais, Emily Hughes, Zizou Finidori, Caleb Shiery, Nathan Morgan
25—Samantha Nichols, Amber Zlatich, Emery Gutierrez, Zizou Finidori, Jillian Soliah, Elise Bienvenu, Emily Hughes, Nathan Morgan, Mason Blais, Joseph Martinez, Zac Cannon, Cabeb Shiery, Andrew Lobo, Sarah Guerrero, Oliver Wilson, Hudson Hrobar, Sydney Davis, Tate Bechtel

“Being positive in a negative situation is not naïve, its leadership.”--Ralph Marston

It was an unusually-chilly training session with Roland Sikinger and Edgar Diaz at Dyess Park, but the keepers showed up. “Yep,” said trainer Roli the Goalie, “brutal for March in Texas, but a great session, kept them moving, and me too! We worked on field vision and awareness. I spoke about imagining or anticipating what happens next. . .how to communicate to their defenders on mismatches, outnumbered, and to solve problems before they happen. There are three ways for a keeper to make saves one is before the shot is taken, two as the shot is taken, and three after the shot has been taken. I prefer the easiest, before the shot is taken, such as cutting off through balls by coming out of the box and playing with your feet. In order for keepers to do that, they must retain a higher starting position from their goal line, to be able to make a better decision—‘should I stay, or should I go?’"—Roland Sikinger, former U. S. Olympic and professional goalkeeper, now a veteran trainer for the Dynamos

Don’t trust the eyes of a striker. The primary focus of a keeper should always be the ball, not where the opponent is looking. The ball doesn’t betray you, but those lyin’ eyes will.


Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it