For goalkeepers and field players who desire to join the Summer Conditioning and Technical Program which begins Tues., June 11, at 6pm, there is still time to register.
These are boys and girls wishing to improve their fitness for club, high school, or college teams. Designed for 14-year-old and older (a limited number of younger players will be accepted), the training continues on Tuesdays and Thursdays until early August. Jim Walker and Mark Hunter are co-directors and they will be assisted by former Dynamos players and current collegiate stars Jade Dewbre (Angelina College and Louisiana Tech University), Michelle MacIntyre (University of Dallas) and Cameron Townes (Texas Lutheran University). For more information email or call 832-420-7182.
YES! I want to join the group at Summer Fitness and Technical training this summer. I am 14 years old or above and want to maintain fitness in order to try out for a high school, college or club team this fall. Enclosed is $175 ($125 for paid-up members of the Keeper Club, $200 for non-members).
Name_________________________Age___ Birthdate__________________
Payable to: Keeper! Club. . .mail to: Keeper! Summer Program, Attn Loree, 10924 Grant Road #224, Houston TX 77070.
I, the undersigned, release the Dynamos Soccer Club, its directors and staff, from all liability for any injuries or damages while attending the Summer Fitness and Technical Program. In case of emergency, I authorize the Dynamos Soccer Club to transport my child to the physician listed or to a local emergency room.
Emergency contact____________________________________Phone____________
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CoachesMemo June 14 19 Boys at BBVA
Dynamos 06 Bronze boys (and a couple of Academy players) celebrated the end of their season by visiting BBVA Stadium, ready to deliver the Major League Soccer banner onto the field prior to Houston Dynamo match. "A great group of kids who work hard in training and continue to develop," lauded Dynamos Trainer Mike Matter. Standing (left to right): Ethan Haubein, Logan Larson, Noah Bar, Caleb Camara, Academy player Brayden, Jeremiah Jenkins, Daniel Bridges, Grant Frost, Alex Synatschk, Corbin Brooks; Kneeling (l to r). Academy player Micah, Nolan Craig, Griffith Towle.

Trainer Stacey McDaniel reported on the performance of the newly-formed 07 Dynamos girls, with a combination of Gold and Silver players, this past weekend in the Challenge Shootout. Said Stacey: “During training, we focused on keeping possession, combining, and 1v1 skills, to beat players. All of these skills were put to use in the tournament, and we had two wins and a tie. They played very well and dominated much of the play throughout the weekend. Players were asked to play various positions and all did a great job. Their future is bright!”. .Our Director of Training is trying to keep this quiet, but we dutifully must report Tuesday’s 3-2 victory in the U-20 World Cup by the United States over world heavyweight France, his homeland. It was a comeback victory on a game-winning goal by Justin Rennicks in the 83rd minute. Shhh, don’t tell Olivier we told. . .Thanks to Dynamos trainers Mark Hunter, Stacey McDaniel, and Mike Matter for contributions to this week’s Coaches Memo. . .For a wide range of soccer news and analysis, tune in “Soccer Matters” on ESPN97.1FM where Glenn Davis hosts timely guests and tackles topics that matter in local, national, and international segments of the game. Join the discussion--call-in number: 713-780-3776. . .If you have items or photos for the Coaches Memo, please email to Deadline for each issue is midnight Wednesday.

“A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.”—Coach Unknown

CoachesMemo June 14 19 Poseys
What a special high school graduation gift for the Dynamos twins, Mia and Ben Posey, a painting of each in soccer garb rendered by their grandmother, Jeanie Posey. The Twinkies, as Mom Michelle calls them, graduated from Cy-Woods HS.

Congratulations to the Posey family “Twinkies,” Mia and Ben, longtime Dynamos players who graduated recently from Cy-Woods High School (see photo of their grandma’s painting above). Brought back memories of a 10-year-old Mia training as a goalkeeper with me on an otherwise deserted field at Dyess Park. Veteran goalkeeper Troi Jorgensen showed up for her own workout and agreed to put Mia through a series of keeper activities. While they were busy bonding, Mia’s mom Michelle, came over and whispered her thanks and added: “You didn’t know Mia is a twin, did you?” I waited a moment and replied: “And you didn’t know Troi is a triplet, did you?” When Mia learned her new tutor and friend was indeed one of the Jorgensen triplet girls, she was elated, and on the way home told her Mom about her training session: “I’m as happy as a mouse in a cheese factory!”—Jim Walker

“A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go but where they ought to be.”--Rosalynn Carter

Soccer is a simple game, it’s true, Coach Cy Fair points out, but playing it simple is difficult. Coach Flo read somewhere that soccer is the ballet of the masses, but submits the way her team plays is not ballet.