Arthur Yonge


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Mr. Arthur Yonge.

The entire South Texas Soccer Community is in mourning, as Arthur has been our pillar, and the driving force to develop youth soccer in our area since the mid 80’s. Arthur has devoted his life to watch youth soccer grow. Kids, and soccer was his passion, his vision was to provide a top-notch environment for all kids from any type of background to participate in.

In the late 80’s Arthur was again the driving force to establish what we have known as Division I, the Eastern District Division I association. This was the foundation that allowed for Competitive Youth Soccer to take a whole different dimension. From there Select Clubs were able to grow, and so did the whole entire Youth Soccer Community. Arthur was truly a genius when it came to creating programs on his computers to produce gaming Leagues, and schedules that would enable youth soccer to move forward.

The last few years, Arthur has spent every minute of every day working with the local Club Directors in establishing the USC League that we are now a part of. From creating the brackets, producing schedules, securing facilities, hiring, assigning referees across South Texas. Arthur worked tirelessly on every detail to make sure all of these young players could go play in the best, the safest, most organized, and most competitive environment possible.

Throughout these last 30 plus years, Arthur has been our go to guy. Any issue, conflict, any of us would have he would not rest until he could help us resolve it.

Most of all, Arthur was by far the most generous individual you could ever meet. He loved everyone involved in youth soccer. Whether or not they agreed with his vision, he would still love them, and wanted nothing but the best for all.

His dream was always to be able to unite each and every youth soccer leader, club, or organization to make youth soccer a better place for all these kids that he loved so dearly.

We feel it is important for all youth soccer Families to get a better understanding as to who Arthur Yonge was, and how much he has done for all of us. He is definitely irreplaceable, and we will miss him dearly.


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